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    Is Rock Resinator and Big Bud basically the same?

    Hey y’all, I run A.N. Sensi bloom coco, pro line. X factor is tougher and tougher to get. So when I went to my shop, they suggested Rock Resinator instead. But the more reasesrch I do on it, I’m finding it to be more like Big Bud rather than X Factor. Any pros out there with advice/thoughts on...
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    Week 5 of flower.. thoughts?

    Buddah Tahoe OG. Coco. HLG600. Advanced Nutrients. Week 5 of flower. Thoughts?
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    Major leaf crisping on day 49 of flower.

    What’s your best guess at a diagnosis? All of my other plants, same strain, being fed the same Advanced coco pro line, are looking great. But this plant is by far the biggest, has much slower growth in the buds, and now on day 49 of flower, she looks like this. Leaves are so crispy. I’m flushing...
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    What’s going on with my buds?

    Same strain. Same nutrients. Same light. Why is one plant budding up nicely and the other is so hairy? Day 36 of flower fo both.
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    New grow space..input needed.

    Hello everyone! I’ve always grown in tents. 4x8s in particular. But I bought a house last month and I have a grow room that is 12x13. The room is in a clean, partly finished basement. It’s a blank canvas. I keep rebuilding the space in my head so I finally decided to ask for some input. What...