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  1. lahadaextranjera

    Spanish Covid19! Yo Im still standing guys!

    Well what can I say? Im sure that you’ve all been watching Italy and Spain. It’s not great, I don’t lie to you. I started my lockdown beginning of March coz I’m low immune. We had a huge spike 11 days after our mid March lockdown. We seem to be declining. What’s the latest guys? Are you all ok?
  2. lahadaextranjera

    Yo! Who wants to hang out in New Hampshire? Brrrrrr

    Hi Guys! It's been a while! How are you doing? I've missed ya! Been seeing some great pics of NH! It's wilderness and pure beauty! Who's been here or who lives here? Could be a great holiday destination? What's the bud like? Any weed clubs there for me? Show me pics pls! POIDH ! :)
  3. lahadaextranjera

    Calling all Canadians!!

    So what's happening over there? One minute it's legal, the next thing is they have to wait? I can't wait to visit Canada! Ima gonna rock up there real soon! Anyone from Ontario? Which city are you from? Where's good to visit ? I'm looking to smoke over there! BC best ? Please advise!
  4. lahadaextranjera

    El Metro

    Whats the craziest thing you've ever seen on the metro? I've seen all sorts from mothers breastfeeding 5 yr olds to mature lesbians frigging each other off. This has got to be a classic though, I take the metro all the time and I've never seen this one before!
  5. lahadaextranjera

    Unusual Sculptures!

    I've seen a few unusual sculptures recently. Have you? Post away!! Here's one at an airport to brighten up the travellers days! It was supposed to be a ship's anchor. I found this one at El Corte Ingles department store, Barcelona. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be? ;)
  6. lahadaextranjera

    Dog attack!

    My boyfriend has run into the house shouting that he's been bitten by a dog. It happened to be a dog who has displayed aggression in the street when I'm with my dog and its brother has actually attacked my dog. It's half collie and half shepherd. He only went into a shop to buy a bag of sugar...
  7. lahadaextranjera

    Excellent work Banksy! Love it! He's done it again! And this time with a cleverly thought out political message which has uncovered the riots in France. Excellent work! Shame they went and boarded it up. Where's our freedom of speech? Lol
  8. lahadaextranjera

    My Bagina Bites Back!

    Excellent invention! Think the barbs are placed in a diagonal angle, a bit like a sea urchin.
  9. lahadaextranjera

    How to help out whilst locked up in prison!

    An elderly Italian man lived alone in New Jersey . He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, since the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament: Dear...
  10. lahadaextranjera

    The New Falling Fine for Pensioners Absolutely disgusting! They pay a huge amount of tax their whole lives to cover their health costs, the National Health Service, just to be told that if they need assistance they will have to pay £26 for falling over...
  11. lahadaextranjera

    87 year old woman punched in the face! Teenagers of today. Glad I left the UK. This would never happen where I am. The elderly are running things around here. We give up our seats...
  12. lahadaextranjera

    Day in the life of a Sperm Donor!

    Have any of you ever thought about this as a career? They say if you turn your hobby into a career you'll never work a day in your life! Here's an extract from a convo I had today with a friend who's a sperm donor. 'No rest for the wicked I guess ! Just about to set off to do a donation in...
  13. lahadaextranjera

    Would you Acro?

    When I was in the Cuitadella Park yesterday I saw a large group of people doing Acro. It looks like a lot of fun so when I got home informed my bf that this could be something of interest to us. Initially he wasn't too keen but when I told him Id find a random partner in the park instead to...
  14. lahadaextranjera

    She beat it!

    Most of us have received news at some point that has reduced us to tears of happiness. Today has been one of those days! My friend called me to say that she has received the all clear for her stomach cancer. She found out in January and is 42 years old. She's been a complete little (5') soldier...
  15. lahadaextranjera

    How long before I rescue him?

    I was just walking down the street and my dog noticed this cat stuck behind a metal fence. Someone has given him water but how did he get in there and why hasn't he come out? Has he been naughty and been chucked outside by the owners? He definitely wasn't there last night because my dog...
  16. lahadaextranjera

    Just saw a robbery....

    ....and did nothing. Now I feel bad but there was nothing I could do singlehandly against 3 guys who robbed an old man. I was more concerned when they followed us down into the metro but we were a big group, mainly of girls. There were 2 guys in the group who are tiny, smaller than me...
  17. lahadaextranjera

    Spiders on drugs!!

    I want a spider now! :)
  18. lahadaextranjera

    Shake that ass!

    How do they do it?
  19. lahadaextranjera

    It's the neighbours again!

    It's the neighbours again!! This time some new guys have moved in a few doors down. Like two doors away. I first noticed them hauling in huge black bin bags and by the evening or following evening I could hear the extraction blaring at 1am. Despite the fact that these guys drive a relatively...
  20. lahadaextranjera

    Dedicate a Song Thread

    This thread is to dedicate songs to other members. I'll get the ball rolling:- @Growan the Thai connection maybe?