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  1. Sagethisplanet

    Supplemental lighting right before flower

    Hey all, I use a 600w hortilux blue and a 400w for veg. Right before flower, is there any as to a supplemental light, gettin rid of the 400w blue MH that will increase sugar production and yield? Was thinking like a diff spectrum MH or even an HPS 400w to let the plants kmow and prepare for...
  2. Sagethisplanet

    P Def??

    plants were looking great then noticed pulling in the leqves and twisting. Not heat stress, have 2 fans blowing all the hot air out, thinking has to be a P def, doesn't get too cold at night so that's nit doing it, and the twisting....stunted growth.... Could be...
  3. Sagethisplanet

    First tent grow

    So have a 600 and a 400 going right now with jacky white, Hawaiian snow, and c13. I'm sure you can guess the strains original beginnings. It's in coco. Personal use only so got one of these tents I'm hearing about. Planted dec 14 and vegging still. Here are some pics. I'm starting to...