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  1. Headgrinder

    Best and Worst Seed Banks in the States and Your Experiences

    I am wondering what the best and worst seed banks in the US. I have had not so good experiences and now am a happy customer of JBC seeds. Please, please, remember in your comments to dance around the specifics of payments because of the current federal situation. I'll try to get a vote going.
  2. Headgrinder

    Best/Worst Seed Banks in Canada and Your Experiences:

    What are good Canadian seed banks and which are bad? I will try to get a vote going.
  3. Headgrinder

    Honey vs. Indole-3-butyric Acid

    Just been cut. On the left is IB acid, and right is honey. I trying to find put how many days until I get roots? Which one is better? I have two cuttings in each container and I hope to get some good pics of some roots in the following days or weeks. Day 1:
  4. Headgrinder

    Totally dank smells coming from my grow at wierd times of the day.

    So I may be crazy but it seems like maybe once every couple days my grow has been getting super stinky, then it mellows out after a few hours. Its even woke me at night, only to have mellowed by morning. Is there some wierd thing that plants do as far as terps go? Or maybe has anybody else...
  5. Headgrinder

    Kinda stupid question, but im sure someone can help.

    I am new to the site. I've seen a lot of good posts. I've had a few awesome people like my posts. I would really like to like some of the posts I'm coming across, but i cant figure out how to do it. Could somebody smarter than myself hook me up with some knowledge.
  6. Headgrinder

    AK Bean Brains - NL5 (Local Clone)/NL5 (Marc Emery NL#5)

    Alright if im messing this up tell me. Mother NL5 clone recieved locally in AK x Marc Emery NL5 (from seed). Very cool work AK BB for holding on to the best you came across. Northern lights has a special place in my heart specifically NL#5. It was the first dank thing i ever grew. Every seed...