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    Copycat genetics

    You mean, you check his IG live for the latest drama he has to cry about? Whats the deal this week with him and Relentless genetics? All he does on IG is talk shit.
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    Leaf burning?

    Holy Cal-Mag! powerSi dosent really burn leaves like that. .5-1ml is okay. you can do 2ml in a foliure feed.
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    How do I train a plant like this

    those lowest leaves look wrecked from the cloner, cut those nodes off, then leave the 3 healthy ones above it and cut the mainstem above the third node. these lower arms will start to grow out
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    Trimming and pruning

    Getting rid of the fan leaves delivers more light to the sites shaded by leaf. I dont think people do this outdoors since the sun is already so much more powerful than indoor lights, and the ambient co2 outside is pretty low.
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    what are the highest end names in LED Lighting?

    The big brand lights are around 1100-1500$
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    Feeding clones

    tap water has micro's in it tho..
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    Feeding clones

    But you are still giving the plants something in the clone res, no? Its not like its just straight PH'd RO in there.
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    Feeding clones

    What do you clone in? I use root riot cubes, fed with clonex solution PH'd at 5.5-5.7 they look great start to finish under a small t5
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    6 week veg

    these plants are in coco. the small ones have been in veg for almost 10 weeks and are still not ready to flip. the tall plant in the middle has been in veg for 7 weeks and has just had 15 cuts taken from her. she was almost touching the lights. it all depends on genetics.
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    6 week veg

    This depends on the genetics and vigor of the plant. A mac1 does not have the same vigor as gmo for instance.
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    Clearwater Genetics

    Im growing out some of the apple fritter s1's. Out of 10 seeds 3-4 look promising only 1 stands out.
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    Best LED for a 5x5 spread?

    It was my first LED, I did my research, debated a DIY fixture. The chilled sounded great, and i caught it on their pre-sale. Waited to get it, and it comes in a box of parts, no directions, not even "hey checkout you tube for some assembly instructions". Whatever, got that figured out. I was...
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    Best LED for a 5x5 spread?

    I had a chilled. Ran it once and sold it. That company really rubs me the wrong way. Their target market is 100% a tent grower.
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    My plant isn’t growing and is turning whitish yellowish

    The 18/6 timing is fine. Its light intensity im talking about. Which kind, or type of light are you using on it. A seedling does not need to be watered every day. Let the plug out. once you feel the pot is light. or you stick your finger an inch into the soil and its dry, give it some water. If...
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    My plant isn’t growing and is turning whitish yellowish

    Holy shit. YES! let the soil drain and dry. water that thing like a little bit at a time while it builds roots and dont give it too much light, it does not need much.
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    8x8 Room, What size lights and what kind should I use ?

    Hang 4 CMH lights. The yeild you get will all depend on genetics, and veg time. You can fill the 8x8 area with 12 plants or 4-6 big ones. It all depends on how big you let them get before you flower. Take the profit from the first run and upgrade to LED's. Use the old CMH's for veg.
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    Grow room liquid containment

    Get flood trays they come in all sizes 4x8 prolly being the most popular. build frames or buy them to get the trays off the ground, angle, make a hole and drain using pvc.
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    The penetration of COBs, strips and boards

    You mean like 1200+ watt water cooled monster LED's? cause at that point, might as well just hang DE's
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    The penetration of COBs, strips and boards

    The argument would be is Penetration better than distribution