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    Any ideas on training this tripod?

    One of my plants had 3 starter leaves it is so much shorter than the other plants I topped the other 3 last night 6 inches and they are still just as tall as the tripod. I’m not sure if I should top or just let it go there is a ton of short branches under the fan leaves..any advice appreciated.
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    Hermi or nanners?

    My other stressed plant that’s quit bulking up has a couple questionable spots on a few buds. Can anyone tell if these are nanners or male flowers starting?
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    Unknown strain any guesses?

    Buds are starting to get pretty, week 4 1/2 flower. Anybody know a strain this looks like? Unknown to me..
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    Cluster of seeded calyx?

    Found these under the canopy of a stressed plant 4 weeks flower. I see the pistils so I know it’s female but is it something to be worried about. Does it mean it’s been pollinated somehow?
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    Guess that deficiency!

    So everything was going great till I decided to put an air register in my grow room. For about 3 days it dropped the temp around 22 degrees F between day and night. One of the plants , under the register, started getting almost an iridescent blue/purple color on the leaves and they began to curl...
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    First grow Trying different lights

    Hey y’all. Almost 4 weeks into first grow with “mystery strain” bag seeds. I’ve used 3 lights so far. Germ and seedling I used bestva 1000. It did well but didn’t have the spread I wanted so I returned it and bought 2 Mars ts600 and a dakason 1000. The Mars are definitely brighter than the...