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  1. deezus

    Outdoor BC 2021

    After a few months of preparation my girls are in their homes for the year. Dug holes and lined the outside with heavy duty plastic, the 3 smaller holes are about 350L of soil and the big ones around 550L. Used a mix of ProMix HP, triple mix, steer manure, and some of the existing soil...
  2. deezus

    First COB fixture grow with auto's

    Built my first COB fixture over the winter to light up a 4x4 space, just about finished the first round with a few autoflower's. Running two 320W COB banks (3000k Vero29), with a Mars Hydro ts1000 in the middle. One Cheese and two Royal Gorilla's in 20L Autopots. Green Planet GP3 nutes in ProMix...
  3. deezus

    CBD Tiger, Tuna Kush (x ?), and Northern Lights Auto grow

    After a month of down time following the outdoor season I decided it was time to get some indoors going. Got 2 single feminized seeds from the Vancouver Seed Bank, and germinated some of my own seeds that the outdoor Tuna Kush produced. Not entirely sure what pollinated it - all 4 of my outdoors...
  4. deezus

    God Bud and Tuna Kush bubble hash

    Been a long time since I've made bubble hash, I forgot how much I love it :D I've done 8 batches now with 5gal bags, using a variety of material from my outdoor God Bud and Tuna Kush plants. After collecting the material I pressed into balls then froze, and then microplaned onto parchment...
  5. deezus

    Sous vide cannabutter test run

    Happy Croptober everyone! After a good outdoor season the fun begins with experimentation. I haven't had much experience in the edibles department but figured I'd try my hand at making cannabutter with a sous vide setup. My wife hates the smell of pot and refused my request to decarb in the...
  6. deezus

    Outdoor grow 2020

    Hey everyone, Hope you all are well with all the madness, and have some plants to tend to pass the time. This is my first grow in about 10 years, figured I'd start a grow journal of my journey. Any and all help/comments are appreciated! Started 5 plants from a mixed seed bag of God Bud, Grand...
  7. deezus

    Wrinkled/deformed leaves on seemingly healthy plant

    Hey growers, Have some plants for the outdoor season I started from seed (feminized), and have one girl that has some leaf deformation, particularly on one half of the leaf in most cases. From the beginning it has been doing this, but the plant looks otherwise healthy albeit a little smaller...