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  1. Rocco_sifredrik

    How much calmag Skywalker kush

    After 3 years of growing I decided just to grow DNA skywalker kush. Going to switch from sensi Bloom to floranova Bloom and their calmag and I was wondering how much calmag I need, 1 or 2 ml per liter?
  2. Rocco_sifredrik

    Burp with integra?

    First time using integra, do I still need to burp? Or do I just leave the jar closed? Been searching and couldnt find an answer
  3. Rocco_sifredrik

    Base nutrients and calmag only

    Did a base nute and calmag Only, AN conniseur bloom and sensi calmag, the strain Is skywalker kush by DNA.
  4. Rocco_sifredrik

    Which strains are fire from HSO and Dinafem?

    So like the title Said, which strains are fire from hso and dinafem? Only grown barneys and in looking for a New breeder. Thinking of blueberry cookies and ogkz. Would like to skip the guesswork
  5. Rocco_sifredrik

    Adding 100w led to my 2x2 foot tent

    Hi I already got 100w led In my 2x2 tent. Is it overkill to add an xtra 100w? I have 1 100 cob and want to add 2 50 cobs .
  6. Rocco_sifredrik

    Do I need to ph with AN sensi in Coco?

    I have used advanced nutrients ph perfect in soil without a single problem. Next run I was thinking of using Coco, any difference from soil? Tia
  7. Rocco_sifredrik

    Expensive seeds vs less expensive seeds

    What do you pay for when you get a pack from cannarado, ethos etc? Compared if i got a pack from barneys, greenhouse, dinafem or humboldt seed org. thats more on the cheap side. Rarity, stability, quality or what?
  8. Rocco_sifredrik

    Good strains for guerilla grows?

    So what strains are Good for outdoor set and forget? Trying a guerilla grow this summer
  9. Rocco_sifredrik

    Tomato fertilizer

    Hi, have anyone tried growing cannabis with just tomato fertilizer and got Good results? From what I read tomatos and cannabis kinda like the same thing? Want to keep the grow simple and cheap so im wondering. Thanks in advance
  10. Rocco_sifredrik

    Mixing synthetic and organic

    Teachings of the garden sage dave Robinson Said that you could take the best from both worlds. Was thinking of doing the base nutrients synthetic and the rest organic. Will this nutrient line work? AN sensi Terpinator Grandmas molasses CALMAG Silica Kelp Maybe i Will add a bloomboster. Only...