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  1. Rocco_sifredrik

    Cannarado genetics

    Have anyone grown weednap? Doing it My next run
  2. Rocco_sifredrik

    Favorite New Strain

    An interesting cross! Looked at it but didnt order. Know nothing about the bereder
  3. Rocco_sifredrik

    How much calmag Skywalker kush

    Because of the og I was trying to Keep the N down and calmag Up. Am I wrong?
  4. Rocco_sifredrik

    How much calmag Skywalker kush

    Ghe calmag has 1-0-0 so some N in it
  5. Rocco_sifredrik

    How much calmag Skywalker kush

    After 3 years of growing I decided just to grow DNA skywalker kush. Going to switch from sensi Bloom to floranova Bloom and their calmag and I was wondering how much calmag I need, 1 or 2 ml per liter?
  6. Rocco_sifredrik

    What are you watching?

    Right now Beck a Swedish movie series. Superstore and Archer are Always nice to watch high.
  7. Rocco_sifredrik

    Lost In A Sea Of Nutrients? Advanced Nutrients, Canna etc.

    A base nute and calmag Is all you need. Growers dont have some secret bottle to make the plants juicer.
  8. Rocco_sifredrik

    Favorite New Strain

    Skywalker kush from reserva privada. Great cerebral and Body high.
  9. Rocco_sifredrik

    Should I be watering to runoff?

    Tired of lifting My pots to the bathroom so im doing every Third watering with just water and great White.
  10. Rocco_sifredrik

    Advanced nutrients

    Im only doing sensi Bloom, calmag and great white in soil. Trying to Keep it as simple as possible. Works great for me and I get some killer bud. Just started flushing 2 gorilla zkittlez for 2 weeks
  11. Rocco_sifredrik

    Using Advanced Nutrients

    I only use sensi/Conn base nutes and calmag. Works great for me. This is my RP skywalker kush grow
  12. Rocco_sifredrik

    Your latest seed purchase?

    Heard its fire, dont know about that breeders thou
  13. Rocco_sifredrik

    Problems with DNA Genetics

    I apologize! The sativa leaning was fire! Even bought Another pack of strawnana from them. Pretty new to growing cannabis still
  14. Rocco_sifredrik

    Burp with integra?

    First time using integra, do I still need to burp? Or do I just leave the jar closed? Been searching and couldnt find an answer
  15. Rocco_sifredrik

    Cal-Mag Question .

    Used 2ml per liter my last grow. My plants got way stronger. Didnt need to stake them or support them.
  16. Rocco_sifredrik

    last two weeks nutes or not after flush?

    No problemo bro. Forums and Google was the Only way for me to get info when i started 2 years ago.
  17. Rocco_sifredrik

    last two weeks nutes or not after flush?

    I dont Know anything about sledgehammer but if its a flushing agent, just read the instructions. If its not a flushing agent then use ONLY WATER.
  18. Rocco_sifredrik

    last two weeks nutes or not after flush?

    Yes just water, you can ph the water but i dont.
  19. Rocco_sifredrik

    NO defoliation appreciation thread.

    Honestly my best grow with the best yield was my first photoperiod grow. My first defoliation and i was afraid to mess it up so i did less.
  20. Rocco_sifredrik

    Base nutrients and calmag only

    5-4-10 plus some N in the calmag. Dropped N bottle in bloom. Usually I have done 1ml calmag per liter but this time I did 2 because of the og.