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    Super Hortilux CFL 163lm/W

    Okay so forget everything I've said about florescent so far. This is it. It's really surpassed itself this time... Super Hortilux CFL, in 2700k, 3000k, and 4000k. 163lm/W for the 3000k one... really unbelievable. I'm converting to CFL.
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    Why spend $$$ on a flowering lamp if you have a $ veg lamp?

    I see this all the time. Even more experienced growers tend to be looking to switch their flowering room from HPS to LED while their veg room still uses T5 or worse, CFL. You get so much more bang for your buck upgrading your veg room first because you leave the lights on for 18-24 hours per...
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    Hydro growers, stop looking for calcium without nitrogen.

    Calcium nitrate is your choice, period. Aquaponic nuts, don't even bother responding about your calcium chloride. This isn't fish it up.
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    Why is there 5 "cal-mag" threads for every 1 nitrogen thread?

    Because buy cal-mag.
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    36 is 44% larger than 25

    This is the most advanced thread in this section.
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    Ceramic HPS

    I just heard about this in the Advanced Section. It's a 600W lamp that produce 34000 lumens and has a nice looking spectrum... I digitized their SPD chart and calculated LER to be about 221lm/W. This would give it a radiant...
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    Breeding for genetic defects.

    defects = THC
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    Summer is coming...

    It's gonna be tough extracting all that heat!
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    Leaves absorb light through porins

    They do.
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    Blue HPS

    It's an HPS lamp, but it's blue.
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    The fart cure

    Fart in the jar and close the lid.
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    Shrinking Plants for greater potency

    Has anyone tried this?
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    Unidentified pest

    I need help from the RIU gurus only. My leaves have bite marks and rips in some areas.. The leaves aren't turning yellow, but it's obvious they're being eaten by something. I did a google search, and all I could find was this picture. Please help.
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    DIY Hydroponic Nutrients in 5 minutes

    Pour salts in bottles: Part A: Calcium Nitrate Potassium Nitrate Iron DTPA (10 or 11%) Part B: Monopotassium Phosphate Magnesium Sulfate Manganese Sulfate Sodium Borate Zinc Sulfate Sodium Molybdate Fill the rest of the bottles with RO/distilled water. Potassium Hydroxide flakes if you need...
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    Low K, high BRIX

    Does anyone know anything about this subject? I have read from a few sources that reducing K will improve smell and flavor. Since reading this, I have decreased the K and increased Mg in my hydroponic formula "Mix #19" while increasing Mg. I have noticed improved scent and health, but I can't...
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    Organic vs Synthetic and nitrate vs ammonia/urea

    and synthetic urea, miracle grow.... When it comes to feeding, many people have a misconception that there are 2 types... Synthetic and non-synthetic. Tthis distinction is superficial and there are better distinctions, but these are almost always overlooked, especially by organic heads...
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    I finally got root rot

    I bet you're thinking it's because I wasn't using the right teas, or sterilizing agents, right? Or maybe my water was too warm? Huh... think again. I had half an air pump fail, and just noticed it. 1 DWC tote in veg has been bubbleless for an unknown amount of time. I took it apart, and it...
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    When people discover a way to do something that's twice as effective

    They don't reduce their overhead by 100%, they increase their overhead and output over twice as much stuff. Leaps in efficiency have historically lead to leaps in production growth, not conservation of energy. As usual, we will consume twice as much.
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    Don't just legalize it, free it

    If you have a document stating it's legal for you to grow weed, remember that implies people without the document are not free. If you are a "caregiver" or sell to dispensaries, you are technically a member of a cartel. If this wasn't the case, the black market would likely vanish. In my...
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    Cree just released cxc to replace cxb! Vero 2.0 doesn't have a chance!!

    I'm totally serious!! It's not just because it's april 1.