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    Happy Father’s Day

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    Canada’s shameful history of marginalization exposed again.

    Discovery of children’s remains at Kamloops residential school ‘stark example of violence’ inflicted upon Indigenous peoples
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    Kids share their experiences with anti Asian racism.

    I was surprised no reporter asked President Biden about the increase in Asian hate crimes. Did I miss it?
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    Another example of something that doesn’t exist

    Systemic racism in Canada. It pays to get a 2nd home appraisal, especially if you're a Black homeowner, hidden camera investigation shows
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    Interesting article. Think I’ll get the book. A drained swimming pool shows how racism harms White people, too
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    Happy MLK Day

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    Is she ready?

    First time growing this strain. Do-so-dos by Seedsman. Day 55 of 12-12. I was planning on harvesting next week but these look ready now. I’m a little anxious to get some veg plants that are getting big into the flower tent so harvesting sooner is a plus. Think I can chop these tomorrow morning?
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    Freedom vs. Free-dumb.

    An interesting article with some valid points. Certain samsquanches should read it.
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    A Promised Land

    My copy of Obama’s memoir arrived today. Looking forward to reading his perspective on the events that occurred during his presidency. I realized later, today is the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately we will never get to read his perspective on civil...
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    Pope endorses civil union laws for same sex couples

    Could the Catholic Church become more progressive than the current SCOTUS? Pope endorses civil union laws for same-sex couples
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    Dark Money

    and the Supreme Court
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    What has trump done to the planet

    Imagine another 4 years of the clown? That imbecile is not only destroying America, he’s destroying the entire fucking planet.
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    Plagues, locusts, giant killer hornets........

    ...... and a Kennedy lost an election in Massachusetts. Must be the year 2020. Sen. Ed Markey defeats a Kennedy in Massachusetts
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    Crazy new growth issues

    Veg Day 49 I have 3 plants doing great but 1 is having crazy new growth happening. It’s a jumble of nodes as new growth starts before the previous growth gets established. I’m mainlining so I’m topping 3 times, if that is a consideration. Maybe genetics?? - Happy frog soil - top dress...
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    A warning to Americans.

    Don’t believe it can’t happen to you.
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    A long, planned vacation

    Let’s hope it’s as long as Glen Beck’s and Bill O’Reilly’s Tucker Carlson addresses ex-staffer's racist posts, says he will take 'long-planned' vacation
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    Me and a couple of friends........

    Did a public service report on COVID. Check it out!
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    Open letter from Heather Cox Richardson. Boston College history professor.

    Worthy of your attention: July 4, 2020 (Saturday) Today, on a day presidents traditionally use to avoid politics and reinforce Americans’ shared values, Trump gave a speech dividing Americans into two groups: his supporters and “the radical left, the Marxists, the anarchists, the agitators...
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    Government corruption, Canadian style...

    PM's mother Margaret and brother Alexandre were both paid to speak at WE Charity events
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    Mrs. Miller

    Remember when we were asking what Stephen Miller’s wife saw in him? Turns out she has no soul either. A modern day Joseph and Magda.