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  1. NietzscheKeen

    Has Anyone Actually Read Lolita by Nabokov?

    I've been trying to do some catch up reading on the classics. Since I've begun, I've noticed that many great books were banned for at least a short period at some point in time. I'm currently reading Lolita. It's taken me much longer than it should have to reach part 2, but I've had a lot going...
  2. NietzscheKeen

    Advice I wish I'd received as a kid.

    As an "adult", I'm finding out many things about people, society, myself, etc. that I wish someone would have told me about years ago. Surely they had to know. Maybe they just didn't think about it. I thought it would be interesting to start a thread for information or advice that we wish...
  3. NietzscheKeen

    Transcending Determinism

    This is a question for my fellow determinists on RIU. Do you believe it is possible to transcend determinism and establish yourself in another "reality" where you had true free will while still existing in the here and now? I'm not talking about compatibilism but a true escape from biological...
  4. NietzscheKeen

    New to this and in price negotiations.

    I am trying to be fair. Do you think $300 and ounce for mids is a decent price for someone that would like to resell?
  5. NietzscheKeen

    Orgasm Music

    Wanna give my gf an orgasm? Anyone ever heard of the ohmibod vibrator? It's a vibrator you hook up to your mp3 player, Ipod, whatever. Trying to make a playlist for my girlfriend. Any recommendations? Here is one song I'm thinking of...
  6. NietzscheKeen

    NK's discussion continued from Premise: Your post is completely unsubstantiated and based solely on your assumptions. All accusations and implications you have made are incorrect. Would you have rather me started this thread somewhere else? You're the one...
  7. NietzscheKeen

    Trimming Mixed-tape

    What songs do you listen to while trimming and/or manicuring? Here are a few of mine to get the thread started: Down by Anomie Belle Glory Box by Portishead and something a tiny bit more upbeat...
  8. NietzscheKeen

    Football Sized Buds? LMAO

    I just came across this video and wanted to share. From what I can tell they have some decent looking plants, but... hell idk where to start. I guess this just goes to show that you don't have to be a genius to grow cannabis... As per suggestion, I'm changing this thread to post your...
  9. NietzscheKeen

    Psilocybe Cubensis- The Forbidden Fruit; Soma

    Could mushrooms have been the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil mentioned in Genesis in the Bible or perhaps Soma mentioned in the 9th mandala of the Rigveda? I've often thought it fun to ponder the possibility that we gained our "consciousness" after eating magic mushrooms...
  10. NietzscheKeen

    Anybody Play Bloons TD5?

    I don't play it as often as I used to, but it since they now have a co-op mode, maybe someone would want to co-op with me sometime?
  11. NietzscheKeen

    Never Stone Alone

    Stamp Collecting Convention Below:
  12. NietzscheKeen

    Plants Have Revegged; What does this mean for...

    My plants began to flower earlier than I wanted. They have some small buds on them. Can anyone tell me what I can expect with these buds that have already grown now that my plants have reverted to veg? I'm growing outdoors and put them out a little too early apparently. I'm hoping someone can...
  13. NietzscheKeen

    Suggestions for Setup for Feminizing Seeds

    Hi everyone. I'm tired of spending all that money on seeds, so I'm hoping to try making my own feminized seeds. I have a few concerns though. My main concern is if I do it anywhere near the others they will get pollenated. How far away is far enough to prevent this? I'm thinking I can put the...
  14. NietzscheKeen

    Increase Nutrients During Flower?

    I've heard this many places, but consensus doesn't always mean accuracy. I'm using Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro, Pro-Tekt, Kelp, and Epsom Salts. I've been adding some of my End-Blossom Rot spray to my solution, but I'm thinking I may need to splurge and buy a better calcium supplement. Should I also...
  15. NietzscheKeen

    Massive MJ Ring Looks Like Real Life "Weeds". I was hoping for it to be a video instead of a link.... sigh.
  16. NietzscheKeen

    Seeking Advice on the Best Strain for Me.

    I'm still very new to growing and I know there must be tons of these threads on here, but I'm hoping you guys and ladies can help me pick the next seeds I should buy. I'm hoping to start breeding for seed or at least cloning this next time around. Anyway, here is what I need in a strain: I...
  17. NietzscheKeen

    What Is The ONE Product You Would Swear By/Can't Live Without?

    I've heard some people say Liquid Karma or Bud Candy... What is yours? Maybe we can narrow it down to the top three? I'm not looking for your basic nutrients, but some other additive be it root developers, bud flavorers, bud densifiers, soil amendments, etc.
  18. NietzscheKeen

    I've Wondered This For Quite A Few Years Now...

    If we had no language, what would our thoughts be like? Would we still be able to think as efficiently?
  19. NietzscheKeen

    Never Had Luck With Cuttings/Clones

    I'm hoping to take some cuttings from my best performing Blue Dream soon. I've used the humidity domes, rapidrooters, clonex, still I usually wind up getting mold or they just die. I've watched so many videos, read so many articles and books, but still I've just never had luck. I'm hoping...
  20. NietzscheKeen

    WTF Penis Enlargement... Not Spam

    I love They often have interesting and amusing inventions. I found this today and thought "how the hell does THIS thing work"? So I clicked the link and was horrified at what I saw. LOL, it's really worth sharing in my opinion. Let me know what you think: This is the Gizmodo page...