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  1. Jenko

    10 year old seed just popped

    I did not expect it to but it did lol
  2. Jenko

    Photos skipping leaves

    Hi all got 2 seedings of a friend nearly a month ago, i dont know what strain they are or auto or photoperiod. I though they were photos until next step in veg in got 3 leaves then 5. Is this possible with photos?? The one in the green pot has 3 then 4 Blackpot has 3 then 5
  3. Jenko

    Photoperiods when to flip

    I have 3 autos growing about 5 weeks left in flower, my next grow will be Critical Kush photoperiods, what is the sign/s showing when to flip from veg to 12/12
  4. Jenko

    Seedstockers Mix Pack feminised

    Anyone buy this pack which contains 20 seeds if so what seeds are they cause no info what ya get in the pack?? Cheers and thank you
  5. Jenko

    Happy St.Patricks Day

    Well everyone from the green isle of Ireland Happy St. Patricks Day to one and all, Don't get too drunk
  6. Jenko

    Found a bagseed to grow or not?

    Ok as the title says found a seed in a bag of weed i do not know the strain but the weed is pretty ok. So to grow or not
  7. Jenko

    New Covid 19 infection in UK

    New covid 19 mutant found in UK, Be prepared. Euro tunnel closed Most European countries have flights blocked to and from UK Ferries have been cancelled.
  8. Jenko

    Garden Worms

    Would it be possible to put garden worms in the soil of an indoor grow? Would they eat the roots? Would nutrients kill them.
  9. Jenko

    Biden wins

    Yes about time breaking news here in ireland
  10. Jenko

    Uv nm Question

    I have a small tent with 3 plants, what nm to look for in a t5 bulb for flowering please
  11. Jenko

    Some advice please

    I have a 80x80x180 tent will this lighting do as don't have much money.
  12. Jenko

    Hi Need Some Advice Please

    Friend of mine gave me this small led board, there is no specs on it. 25cm square 3cm height Is it any good for veg/flowering cause i ain't got a clue! Any help is appreciated
  13. Jenko

    Cut fan leaves??

    Hi there and good morning from ireland, so Gorilla Glue just into flowering. Will i take off the big fan leaves to get more light at the buds that are kicking in?? Cheers.
  14. Jenko

    Ph Run off

    Ok i ph'd mix before going in reading at 6.7 Collected water from run off reading at 4.1 Am i missing something??
  15. Jenko

    Liguid Seaweed vs Veg Concentrate

    Ok guys debating here to use the liquid Seaweed concentrate instead of Veg Concentrate which i have been using all the time. If liquid Seaweed can i use it for Veg + Flowering??
  16. Jenko

    Vermiculite vs Perlite

    Cannot get any perlite where i live will vermiculite do same job?
  17. Jenko

    Weed for colder climates

    Howdy looking a plant that grows in cold climates. As i live in Republic of ireland weather is shit. Gotta be auto and indoors not much growing time. Suggestions please.
  18. Jenko

    Private Message

    Howdy how do i send a private message to an op??
  19. Jenko

    Hi all

    Hi all came across this forum while searching online. Will post again soon. From Republic of Ireland, indoor grower and autos as weather is crap in this country.