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  1. HGCC

    ban crt

    Lol, day made hanimmal. Appreciate that.
  2. HGCC

    Monster Cropping - how long to re-veg?

    Only once have I had a plant die rather than reveg, still salty about it. As others have said, the further into flower the longer it takes, though I would expect it to start pushing ugly reveg leaves soon.
  3. HGCC

    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Jesus they are such fuckin nerds
  4. HGCC

    Growin dope, getting my life together

    No real pics, will probably just do more frequent one offs. Only real development is that #8 is coming along quite a bit faster than expected.
  5. HGCC

    whats your favorite game while stoned?

    Been playing rec room, vr in general us fantastic...on weed!
  6. HGCC

    ban crt

    If it's anything like cbt, yeah that's banned.
  7. HGCC

    January 6th, 2021

    That would make my cynical day. Various opinions abound, I think it is a mistake to look to law enforcement or any sort of state/federal agencies to assist on any of this. It's foolish to think the police will ever be on the more liberal or even center side of issues. As a profession, those...
  8. HGCC

    Its time for Biden to shut NATOs doors

    Gotta say, there were times trumps offensiveness cracked me up. Reminded me of Danny Mcbride on eastbound and down.
  9. HGCC

    Police Interactions.

    Lol, yep, that is the particular region of the state I was thinking. As a kid my parents took me to all sorts of union activities there, lots of manufacturing. Town smells weird as a result.
  10. HGCC

    listen, jack

    Corndogs are the only time I can think of that I use plain yellow, or at a baseball game. Dammit I want some corndogs now, and none of that microwave crap.
  11. HGCC

    Police Interactions.

    I dont know much about him, but I feel for the guy from Illinois as a native of the area. Its a blue state, but man, it's deep freaking hillbilly country south of Chicago. It isnt even like the good hillbillies of Tennessee or Kentucky. I probably don't agree with them, but I respect them for...
  12. HGCC

    listen, jack

    Tan suits and gray pupon...the audacity. In all fairness though I had a good time making jokes about trump putting ketchup on steaks. Honestly I don't trust people people that think standard yellow is better than Dijon. They are commies.
  13. HGCC

    Kamala Harris & Lester Holt

    The gabbard worship was weird as hell. It was just bizzaro world stuff. "But sexy putin ride horse with no shirt...why you no like surfer lady." Obviously it worked but harris still seemed like a weird choice for vp. She did poorly in the primaries and dropped early. She wasn't from a swing...
  14. HGCC

    Best Torrent Downloading Sites

    I was able to get Mirc going on my phone a few years back, it was great. Late 90s and early 2000s were a hilarious time for the internet. A great source of embarrassment was getting caught downloading once, just terribly sloppy on my part. I pretended to be elderly and yelled about teenagers...
  15. HGCC

    I knew This Day Would Come

    *420**911* Or whatever we would beep the dude. Calling each other back on pay phones.
  16. HGCC

    Growin dope, getting my life together

    Trop cookies, left to right 1,2,4,7 Thais left to right, 3,6,5,8
  17. HGCC

    Growin dope, getting my life together

    Well, clones have been taken and legs shaved. Plants 3, 5, 6, 8 are the thais with 1,2,4,7 as the trop cookies. Plants 1/2 look real similar, similar sort of nose developing. Number 4 has tighter spacing and a similar but more pronounced orange cookie smell when rubbing or if pulling a leaf...
  18. HGCC

    Right wing nuts worldwide.

    Guess I would add that I think reacting with violence is acceptable in this instance, generally speaking though of course it isn't acceptable to react to speech with violence. There is no outcome for the opposition but violence though. If your whole shtick is that you are superior and other...
  19. HGCC

    Right wing nuts worldwide.

    Nazis are kind of the exception to the rule for me, generally I agree, and used to include the white power/fascist folks under the blanket support for free speech. I can't back someone's rights when they use them to oppress someone else though. It's stuff that is expressly harmful, there isnt...