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  1. KoolaidMan

    Dead Quiet RDWC, no waterfall, no air stones

    I was on a mission to create a RDWC that had enough DO in the water, but was quiet and didnt use air pumps/stones. People recommended waterfalls to avoid airstones, but I found them to be noisy. A submersible pump in the res flooming the res adds heat to the water. After some research, I decided...
  2. KoolaidMan

    Getting fresh water to center mass

    So the idea of airstones, waterfalls, etc is to get DO into the water. Though the problem lays with getting positive DO water to the center of the root mass where roots block circulation, 0ppm DO water in the center of your mass leads to bacteria problems, etc. The agitation of surface is...
  3. KoolaidMan

    SCROG idea for DWC

    While browsing tons of threads I have seen many people asking how to SCROG a DWC bucket and some people posting ideas. Here is something I came up with using 1/2” pvc. Only thing left to do is place some metal grid panel on top for the “net”. This attaches to the lid and allows you to lift the...
  4. KoolaidMan

    PPM seems high with Flora Trio

    Hello all, I mixed a test batch of Flora Trio + CalMag to see where ppm’s where. 3gal in my DWC bucket puts me 2” below net. Im using filtered tap water with a starting ppm of 115. I added based on that popular chart I have attached at the seedling stage. 15ml of CalMag and 3.75ml each of the...
  5. KoolaidMan

    First Grow - White Widow Fem

    Hello all, This is my FIRST grow and first post. Im 3 weeks into flowering (week 9) so I will post the info up to this point. Started two seeds using “water soak” method and they tailed in about 2 days. Took seedlings to about 6” tall using two dome lamps with 6500k CFL bulbs before I picked...