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    Biden's not a cannabis friendly President. Biden wants to see research on marijuana : "he wants more research on the “positive and negative effects” of adult-use legalization. “He’ll look at the research" Marijuana moment...
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    Shumer, "soon This is in addition to what he said just a week ago. It is getting close. I really believe that.
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    Koch brothers I wonder if the end of prohibition might be closer than we thought.
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    Anybody else use a Terpometer?

    I like mine, but I wish the temperature was adjustable in relation to the colors. Still not a big thing though, as the numbers are easy to read. I think mine turns green at 595 degrees. Seems high. Works well with Stache Rio. Very tasty.
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    No shipping vape products

    Did you see the article in High Times? It mentioned sites having some kind of age verification. I think I ran into this a few years ago when some site wanted me to send a picture of my driver's license. Nope. I guess there are services that will deliver with a signature. You should read the article.
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    Trump : The bloom is off the rose.

    "the annual CPAC straw poll found that only 55% of attendees want Trump to be the Republican nominee in 2024, ahead of Florida governor Ron DeSantis at 21% (the conference is taking place in Florida), South Dakota governor Kristi Noem at 4% and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley at 3%."...
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    Went into a dispensary with a friend. Northern Cali. Holy Hell! 40-50 dollars for a gram of concentrate. I was in one about six months ago and it wasn't this high. No wonder California has a big free market. Everybody here on Rollitup, keep on growing.
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    Gov. Lamont Under Lamont’s proposal unveiled this week, adult use cannabis sales would begin in May 2022. Adults aged 21 and older would be permitted to have possession of up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana, although the proposal says that growing pot at home is not allowed (the criminal penalties...
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    Small seeds

    On a recent GrowCast podcast a woman named Mary Beth Sanchez was talking with the host, Jordan River, about the trouble she had germinating seeds last year. Jordan agreed with her that some seed purveyors seem to be harvesting seeds too early. This manifests itself in seeds that are small and...
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    New Mexico pittle

    New Mexico republican trying to introduce Bill that would ban home grow. Don't do it New Mexico. Tell him to stick it. You've got to stick together on this. That's not legalizing. That's government confiscating the industry for itself. I can make beer, wine, and even whisky. Legally. Enough of...
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    Kansas city and their cops.

    Notice how the cops now want to be part of the legislation? They're charged with enforcing laws, not making the laws. The cops want to be the judge, jury, executioner, and now they want to be the legislators too. People need to tell the cops to get their nose out of legislative business. They...
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    New Jersey can not find its posterior with two hands

    Same old New Jersey bs. Check out the High Times article. Basically much of it stems from the fact that governments want to own the cannabis industry and sell it back to us. With taxes. The government almost owns the term "organic". Now they are determined to own cannabis.
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    Happy Winter Solstice

    for you Northern hemisphere folks. 2020 was not good. 2021 will be better. We believe that we can see a light at the end of the covid19 tunnel. Trump lost the election to Biden in a landslide. But I regret those about to be evicted. I wish children could be in school. And come spring I will...
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    Cicadas are coming

    BroodX can be expected over large areas of Midwest and mid Atlantic coast. We don't have cicadas here. From what I read it is difficult to grow young trees so young outdoor weed should be harmed as well.
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    Bad weather in NE USA.

    I have visions of the stoners in Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts: snowed in, gazing out the window with a big cone, or The Mighty or just eating Alice B. Toklas' brownies. I am so happy for you and that you no longer have to fear arrest. I am happy for the stoners in Montana, South Dakota...
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    Trichomes and damage.

    I have always made bubble hash. I had been wanting to do dry ice hash this coming year. But I now believe that dry ice will be in short supply because they need it to keep the Phizer vaccine cold. In fact, news accounts indicate that the one big producer of dry ice in America may not be able to...
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    Happy Days Are Here Again

    In anticipation of the Joe Biden victory I have been perusing Tidal for renditions of Happy Days Are Here Again, the traditional Democratic Party Victory song. There are hundreds of Renditions. The one I found that I prefer is the one by Tiny Tim. It has the tempo and clarity that I was looking...
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    Stoned in the Dark. High Fidelity.

    Get yourself a good pair of speakers. Listen to them in the near field. Two good Hobbies. Schiit and Tekton Design. Massive Soundstage. Rubenesque imaging. Sunset/Phenofinders. Racy sativas. AC/DC. Bizet. Coltrane. I See the Red Door and I Want it Painted Black. Next month will mark the end of...
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    51st year of toking

    My first post here. First grew in 1970. I have growing sporadically throughout the years. The last eight years though I have grown steady. I would like to tell you about a strain I grew about 3 years ago. I got mixed up so I'm not sure which one it was, but it had an aftertaste that I would...