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  1. Mcdoolit

    Lemonstar Autos going down!

    I had 2 bag seeds down that I thought were going to die (bad start lol.) So I ordered seeds for the 1st time. Went with Neptune. Gas reaper genetics- LemonStar. Super excited to see how it goes. Bought a spider farmer light to upgrade from my blurple! The bagseeds are still growing, so looks...
  2. Mcdoolit

    Check out the scrog!

    Thanks to you peeps, I built my first scrog! Well the hubby helped lol. If I don't kill my plants, hopefully I'll get to try it out. My babies aren't too happy with me right now.
  3. Mcdoolit

    flora trio add extra supplements?

    Hello everyone! For my first grow, I used the flora series - micro, grow and bloom Easy and cheap, right (I'm growimg in dwc by the way). I was thinking of adding some supplemental nutrients to the mix for this 2nd grow. A friend suggested early bloomer and liquid blue....but he has never used...
  4. Mcdoolit

    My new babes have popped up!

    Last of my crop is curing and I have 2 new ones just pop. I can't put em in my buckets yet, because my clay pebbles won't be here until Wed. Excited to see what they do. I have 2 others I'm hoping will pop, but if not, I'll just run this cycle w the 2 I have. Hopefully they will both be girls...
  5. Mcdoolit

    Just excited about how beautiful!

    My first harvest! Look how pretty she is. :) She was just a bag seed, but I sure was lucky! Can't wait to start the next crop!
  6. Mcdoolit

    Help with Lighting pleaseeee This is the light I bought for my first grow. I'm using the "1200" watt light and I'm using it in a...
  7. Mcdoolit

    Brown bag drying/no stem! Lol

    Sooooo, I cut a small sample and put it in a brown dumb ass didn't leave enough stem to check when it would be dry enough to give it a try. Lol this afternoon is day 3 of drying and literally is only 3 or 4 bowls in the bag. Is there any other way for me to tell when they are ready for...
  8. Mcdoolit

    Are those nanners?

    This one is looking way different than the others. Is it a hermie?
  9. Mcdoolit

    White mold on top of grow medium

    I have white mold on the top of my grow medium. Do I just remove as much of the grow medium as I can?
  10. Mcdoolit

    Almost ready?

    I think they are cloudy, right? Either way, I'm going to wait longer, because I want some amber in there.....but wanted to get experienced opinions. She is an auto in dwc.
  11. Mcdoolit

    Is this enough of a zoom to see trichomes?

    I bought a loupe, but having a difficult time using it lmao. Does my phone's camera magnify enough to see trichomes?
  12. Mcdoolit

    Man at the stretch

    Ending the second week of the light switch....crazy at the growth.... and man, I hope that left one stops soon lmao. Can't complain too much about my autoflower. Getting fatter and fatter and ooohhhhhh so sticky!
  13. Mcdoolit

    Are they going to outgrow my tent?

    Random bag seeds, first week of flowering and I'm getting worried I waited too long to flip. The tallest is 51cm/20in from the top (not flush, but pretty close) and is about the same in height from base to top. Do I need to throw the little ones out and start bending? I wanted to at least keep...
  14. Mcdoolit

    Need to be pruned more?

    First time grow. First week in flowering, but thinking I need to prune these 2 back more? I have a 1200 watt light for a 4x2x5 grow tent, so I'm doubting to prune back more. My mind is telling me that my light will penetrate through? Buttttt it's my first grow, so all I know is what Google and...
  15. Mcdoolit

    2 switches - do I use both during flowering?

    My 1200 watt led light (bought it off of Amazon, so nothing fancy) has a vegetative switch and flowering switch. Question - do I only use the flowering switch during flowering or both?
  16. Mcdoolit

    Less lighting after flowering has started?

    Okay, so I have 3 plants from bag seeds. One ended up being an auto and has started flowering. I have about 3 or 4 more weeks of 19/5 lighting for the other 2 plants to get longer in veg state...then, I was hoping to switch to 12/12 to induce flowering for my other 2. Will that less lighting...
  17. Mcdoolit

    Auto or mutant?

    So this lady had a rough start, but then took off. She is only about a month in veg. State and has been under 19/5 lighting....but looks as if she is flowering. Could it be a mutant? Or maybe just an auto. First time grow, just messing around with bag seeds.