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  1. Pepe le skunk

    Best genetics, hands down?

    Here is a funny story, back in late 1988 sept-oct, a friend ordered from Nevil's seed bank catalogue NL#5x Haze, 4 months later he called to complain his order never arrived. So 3 weeks later a package arrived from the next county over post mark. Said the nl#5 wasn't available so here are some...
  2. Pepe le skunk

    707 SeedBank Genetics

    Thinking about picking up the Ghost Dawg strain for a solid OG Kush strain. Ghost og X 707 chem dawg 4. Says it yields large og buds. Anyone try this? Looking for a solid og kush, frosted buds with bag appeal. Would you recommend something else for that Kush effect, smell and look??
  3. Pepe le skunk


    Hope it turns out. The seeds I had were old and didn't pop.
  4. Pepe le skunk

    Riot seeds. Roadkill Afghani

    Skunk bud smelled like the first wif of that dead skunk 200 ft away, not the standing above it acrid smell of the dead animal. Almost identical to skunk cabbage when you break a leaf. All that burnt rubber smell is not the smell I experienced for 10 years 83-93 when it made the rounds on the...
  5. Pepe le skunk

    Northern Colorado growers

    Thinking about doinga potoberfest for 2019 in October. Private party contest for strains with 3 judges. You can enter a strain for judging, eat some food, and enjoy watching 3 judges smoke and evaluate your strain.. Feel free to trade seeds. If you have attended before or Want to go pm
  6. Pepe le skunk

    Old School Skunk, who's found it???

    The skunk from back in the 80's was definitely indica dominant. The best way to describe the smell was the first wif of skunk dead on the road. Not the wear a mask acrid smell up close putrid smell. But it definitely maintained that first wif stank. Back in October of 1989 I took a fresh...
  7. Pepe le skunk

    Breeding for authentic sativa happiness. Mextiza, Thai, Angola, Senegal...

    Good to hear the mites are gone. That thai Angola looks interesting. Have you found one cross your most excited to smoke? Out of the crops you pulled down already, is there a favourite? Why? What do you like about it?
  8. Pepe le skunk

    Riot seeds. Roadkill Afghani

    I remember smoking a joint of skunk between lunch in high school and sitting in the auditorium. A teacher walk past me and sent me to the principal for stinking like skunk. Luckily I didn't get in trouble. But you definitely stunk at the tire shop and so did the truck Lol.
  9. Pepe le skunk

    Breeding for authentic sativa happiness. Mextiza, Thai, Angola, Senegal...

    Looks great. Very nice sativa smoke. Try forbid from Amazon to wipeout the bugs. Lasts 30 days. Hit just before flower. If bugs eat, they die. Safe to use in early flower. Not after week 3 Good luck. Soap and hot water after that helps to the end. Same with nukeum. Hot pepper base safe to day...
  10. Pepe le skunk

    Riot seeds. Roadkill Afghani

    That's awesome. That skunk was a keeper back in the day and still one of the best. If you have something close, indica dominant and has the smell, you have a very special lady. Nice find.
  11. Pepe le skunk

    Riot seeds. Roadkill Afghani

    From the direct seeds of skunk bud grown in the 80's, my plant was a 4-5 foot bush 8 ft wide skunk. Next to the bag seed Mexican 12 footers, there was no question it was indica dominant and not that sweet skunk imposter. Probably the first indica bud appearence everyone remembered n the east...
  12. Pepe le skunk

    Riot seeds. Roadkill Afghani

    Yes. Your friend Doug might have known Chris and Chuck. Both kicked it with skunk. I had a really great seed from the 88 crop produce a monster bush out in West Bradford horse country. Was amazing results. The og had a parcel of land he used out on the Lancaster boarder in HB. Lots of horse...
  13. Pepe le skunk

    Riot seeds. Roadkill Afghani

    Grew up in southeast PA, had a very good friend who knew the grower and even helped trim many pounds of what was just called skunk bud in the very early 80's til 92. The grower (Craig) got caught hauling out trash bags full in 93 in Honey brook. He is no longer with us. But his bud was...
  14. Pepe le skunk

    Feeding in coco

    Yep. Exactly. I'm in Coco soil mix, mostly Coco perlite. I do it every 4 days with good results. 3 in 12 days. Sometimes I'll add an extra watering in there.
  15. Pepe le skunk

    Chuckers paradise......

    Did you just open pollenate or selective pollenate a branch with a small paint brush? Bags to seal in pollen for 24 hrs. Then use water spray to knock of excess pollen?
  16. Pepe le skunk

    What is the most Euphoric and uplifting strain you have ever tried?

    Tried one dab of Somalia taxi driver, straight up trippy high. I'd like to find that strain. Really good high. Was amazing.
  17. Pepe le skunk

    Feeding in coco

    Spoke to a guy working in a grow. He filled me in on a few new bis of info during flower.. 3 waterings a week in Coco., Water tea, nutes. the tea, brew includes ground up fish bones, microbes twice, once while brew, second just before feed. I've done this every 2-3 weeks and have noticed a...
  18. Pepe le skunk

    bodhi seeds

    Love to toss some blueberry muffin hog's breath male pollen your way Cali. See what pops up.
  19. Pepe le skunk

    Old World Genetics - DJ Short

    Have some blueberry muffin X Hogs breath male pollen I'd like to throw at a nice blueberry female.
  20. Pepe le skunk

    Chuckers paradise......

    Possibly. Will let you know soon. Have a group studio420 in Denver that guy comes and tests.