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  1. Pepe le skunk

    Anyone have blueberry/ blue cross going?

    I have a male blueberry muffin X Hogs breath pollen ready to pollinate. Looking for a blueberry clone or blueberry hybrid ( not blue dream) to lightly seed with paint brush. This specimen is to good to destroy without trying to pass on it's genetics. Anyone interested in a few seeds to share...
  2. Pepe le skunk

    Activated carbon in alcohol or bho?

    Has anyone tried using activated carbon when open or closed loop blowing? Is it only when using alcohol during winterizing? Would activated carbon work at the end of the tube after the double coffee filters as a third coffee filter with carbon in it or would it stick and fowl the carbon? End...
  3. Pepe le skunk

    What new strains for 2015?

    Anyone starting new ones this year that you are looking forward to the results? Looking forward to a few including MTF from Dr greenthumb, Black Diesel, Bruce Banner cross and LVPK Box. Feel free to post your new strains you think have the best chance in finding keeper genetics. Perhaps...
  4. Pepe le skunk

    Second Annual Halloween Pot-oberfest 2014

    Second annual Halloween Pot-Oberfest Party Sunday October 19th 2014. 1-6 pm This is Colorado's Homegrown Connoisseur cup with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Bring your entry with you. Free prizes for people in costume. Food and drink provided. BYOB PM for invite and directions.
  5. Pepe le skunk

    Bong a thon 2014 August 1st, 2nd. 3rd

    Anyone doing the bong a thon near south park this summer? Went last year and it was pretty bitchin. Good music, camping and fun all weekend. Nice way to win a bong. Fastest gram and most dabs contests. It's crazy fun.
  6. Pepe le skunk

    Unique Smells and Tastes thread

    What is the best, worst smells you have come across in smoking or growing. And did it transfer into the taste when puffed? :weed: I have a Jack herer cut from back in 2005 that smells like garlic and onions.:fire: It transfers to the taste of garlic hash when smoked. Almost coats the tongue...
  7. Pepe le skunk

    First Annual Halloween Pot-oberfest Saturday 12th October

    First annual Halloween Pot-Oberfest Party saturday October 12th 2013. Harvest cup competition with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Bring your entry with you. Free prizes for the first 30 people in costume. Food and drink provided. BYOB Anytime after 1pm Freebies from Hotsauce genetics...
  8. Pepe le skunk

    Colorado Rules for Recreational Marijuana shops

    Article with the Rules for recreational pot shops in Colorado. First in the country. Feel free to comment.
  9. Pepe le skunk

    Weed and hash museum dispensary in america, would you go?

    So was thinking about a place that would be a Weed and Hash Museum in America similar to the one in Amsterdam that showed pictures of hemp, covered the history of it growing in america and around the world, hash and all the different methods of production and weed from around the world. The...
  10. Pepe le skunk

    Legal Marijuana hearings next month? Could these be the hearings that legalize weed?
  11. Pepe le skunk

    In case you didn't know
  12. Pepe le skunk

    In case you didn't know

  13. Pepe le skunk

    DNA Chocolope Chocolate Haze Pheno

    DNA Chocolope is (OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze) . Also called D-Line. Cannalope Haze is Haze Brothers x Mexican Sativa. (56 - 64 days) The taste is like melon with a hint of Haze. Haze Brothers is Mexico x Colombia x Thailand x India Here is the breeders description Chocolope...
  14. Pepe le skunk

    Weed on Cnn 10pm est tonight

    Cnn is rerunning the special "Weed" tonight. 10 pm est. They said to log in to give feedback on their site. Funny if everyone watched it and it became the most viewed show in history. Anyway at least the feedback could be mostly positive with millions posting. This is a great start to...
  15. Pepe le skunk

    Scale on stem disease

    Does anyone know if this is scale on the stem or what it is? Does it hurt the plant or is this normal? How do you get rid of it? It starts near the base and moves up the stem.
  16. Pepe le skunk

    Wish list of strains in signature? Anyone remember.

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, oh wrong wish, people used to list the strains they wanted in their signature at the bottom of their posts. Is there some reason people don't do that anymore? My list would be long but just a few I would like to have are Deep chunk, Albert Walker...
  17. Pepe le skunk

    Bong a Thon this weekend in CO

    Anyone going to the Bong a thon this weekend? Should be fun. It's out near South Park CO. Should be some cool compitions and camping. Hope there is good weather.
  18. Pepe le skunk

    Thrips adult and juveniles and their damage

    Thrips are tiny, slender insects with fringed wings. The babies don't have wings but as they mature some will develop wings but not all. Other common names for thrips include thunderflies, thunderbugs, storm flies, thunderblights, and corn lice. Thrips species feed on a large variety of sources...
  19. Pepe le skunk

    Comparing different MH light bulbs. Which is best?

    While reading an interesting thread on using Metal Halide during the last 2 weeks of harvest and the science behind it, It lead me to another thread that started talking about different bulbs and what the results others have had using different manufactures bulbs. I started to look at what the...
  20. Pepe le skunk

    How important is fresh air from outside in ventilation?

    On a scale from 1-10 (with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.) How important is fresh air coming from outside into you grow room? ie: flower only room. I ask this question with the idea of using air from the A/C /heat ducting of the house to run air through the air cooled hoods (hood...