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  1. nl5xsk1


    Just finished running some hash, should be good for awhile
  2. nl5xsk1

    Rip weed nerd

    He will be missed
  3. nl5xsk1

    Looking for local DR

    My former Dr. (Kumar), is indisposed, so I'm looking for a reliable Dr in Oakland County, to renew my card,I have med records
  4. nl5xsk1

    Serious Question about Cannabis and nausia

    So, I know a few of you guys and have a question. My sister in law has just gone through 1st. regiment of chemo for pancreatic cancer, and cant hold anything down. So I've reading quite a bit but she has never ingested any form of cannabis but is willing to try anything to help with nausia. I'm...
  5. nl5xsk1

    Sour Kush

    Here's a Sour Kush that produced some excellent Medicine :)
  6. nl5xsk1

    Blue Berry Headband

    Don't post often but thought I would show a gifted blueberry headband I grew, and happy I did
  7. nl5xsk1

    Official Hard card holder

    Well Im in my late 50's, degenerative bone disease, dont care for opiate pain meds, so on 12/23/12 sent the appropriate paperwork in and received not one but two hard cards today!, Thought it would have been more difficult or take more time. And so, I have started the journey into finding a...