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  1. Corporal_Biscuit

    The Seed Collectors Thread

    Yes, there will be hash.
  2. Corporal_Biscuit

    The Best Deals Thread. Post Best Deals And Lowest Prices Links

    Awesome heads up. Got one for $135 and the other for $160. After taxes, $315 total. Saved me some change considering regular listing price is $230.
  3. Corporal_Biscuit

    The Seed Collectors Thread

    The first step in recognizing you have a collecting problem is getting another vault.
  4. Corporal_Biscuit

    If you could add 1 strain to the garden what would you order?

    If it's an outdoor garden, you can never go wrong with a good Afghan.
  5. Corporal_Biscuit

    Wyeast Farms Genetics

    I wonder if Wyeast is gonna release a 2nd run of that Horchata line. The Sour Cinnamon caught my eye, and poof, gone.
  6. Corporal_Biscuit

    My Order Arrived!

    That Blueberry-Land sounds enticing.
  7. Corporal_Biscuit

    What beans are you popping in the year of our lord- 2021?

    Just waiting on my Clementine F2 to finish; then its Vanilla Kush S1, SAGE, Three Run Homer, and a bag seed I found from a good neighbor Hashplant #2.
  8. Corporal_Biscuit

    Twenty20 Mendocino

    Thanks for the play by play action. Your smoke report is spot on. Once I get my 2021 bean pop on, I'll have some room in my vault for Bad Girl.
  9. Corporal_Biscuit

    Just how potent is REAL Clone Only Blue Dream??

    I got the Santa Cruz cut when I lived in CO. Great smoke. A euphoric and uplifting sativa dom. hybrid. To answer yer second: Strawberry Cough is way stronger.
  10. Corporal_Biscuit

    Sour Dubble seeds? Cant find them anywhere.

    So a hundred bucks? Lol
  11. Corporal_Biscuit

    Sour Dubble seeds? Cant find them anywhere.

    Had a Cannarado cross last year called Devil Lettuce: Sour Dubble × Fire OG. I tried looking for seeds, but I believe they are discontinued.
  12. Corporal_Biscuit

    Sour Dubble seeds? Cant find them anywhere.

    I thought sour dubble was clone only.
  13. Corporal_Biscuit

    Jerry Garcia cannabis

    Fucking gate crashers. Someone should write a song about it...
  14. Corporal_Biscuit

    Jerry Garcia cannabis

    I miss live music. 2020 took my jams, and my need to mingle with The Lot.
  15. Corporal_Biscuit

    Searching for a plane wreck

    I remember that hybrid. Late 2000s. Haven't seen it since. Thanks for the memory Jonnybgood35.
  16. Corporal_Biscuit

    Looking for Freakshow seeds

    Heard Frisian Duck is a good outdoor strain for northern climates. Looks weird too.
  17. Corporal_Biscuit

    favorite 90s strains

    Just smoke I was getting from a reliable source, consistantly for a few years. It was all he grew lol.
  18. Corporal_Biscuit

    favorite 90s strains

    Master Kush. Brings back memories just saying her name.:weed: