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    Lighting: How much does the IP65 waterproofing affect efficiency / PPFD?

    Does anyone know how much light the waterproofing blocks, on LED lights? Is it a lot, or just like a 1-2% difference? I'm going to order 2 Kingbrite lights and wanted to get them with waterproofing. (I turned my guest bathroom into my grow room, just in case pipe bursts, etc).
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    Anything I should take into consideration before ordering 2 x KingBrite 240W qb288 v3 lm301h red mix UV IR?

    Been researching lights for a good few weeks, for my application and budget decided on the KingBrite 240W qb288 v3 lm301h red mix UV IR. My only concern is that supposedly the Epistar LED's lose their efficiency quickly? Or is it not really something to worry about? (Just wondering about the...
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    Bad idea to take new grow lights with me in checked baggage to Mexico?

    I'm in the US but moving back soon to my apartment in Mexico, gonna fly back via Tijuana. Grow lights themselves aren't illegal right? Was gonna take two 240W Kingbrite quantum boards, they're not too big. Just wondering if I'd have any problems with US or Mexico customs. Prolly not an...
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    Making a Quantum Board with 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs - good or bad idea?

    Was thinking of customizing my board to have 75% 6500K and 25% 3500K LEDs (I grow only landrace equatorial sativas), to run for the entirety of the grow. Good idea or bad idea? Just want to make sure before I spend money on two 240W LED QB's. (Growing purely for effect, I don't mind smaller...
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    Anyone grow with only high Kelvin LEDs? (6500K+, etc) - If so, what's your experience?

    I know 3000-4000K is the scientific proven standard, but just wanted to ask if anyone here has grown purely using higher Kelvin LED's (5000K+) and if so - what's your experience doing so? Did it turn out just fine? What differenced did you see between a higher Kelvin LED and a lower Kelvin one...
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    Best K (Kelvin) light value for positive (landrace) sativa effects?

    I've heard that for growing equatorial landrace sativas indoors, people have recommended high Kelvin lights (10,000K, 6500K, etc) to bring out the most positive effects / high in the genetics. I'm chasing the most positive effect possible, I don't mind low potency and low yield. Anyone have...
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    Ideal K value for best effects, in landrace sativas?

    I've gotten some anecdotal evidence that using higher K numbers (5000K), closer mimics the light in high elevations in tropical areas... and for growing landrace sativas (which is what I grow), it leads to better effects. I believe 3000-3500K is recommended for flower because it leads to...
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    Best Kingbrite LED for growing purely landrace Sativas?

    I'm looking to grow purely landrace tropical sativas indoors, and in my search for a light I was highly recommended the Kingbrites. Is there any specific model you guys would recommend (or configuration in general... ie 3000K, 660nm, etc) if my goal is to grow purely landrace sativas? Here's...
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    Anyone know if GooingTop lights are good?

    I was recommended this light, The GooingTop QB2000, supposedly almost as good as the Spider Farmer SF-2000, Samsung diodes and Meanwell driver, but with 240W for only $150. Sounds like an amazing deal...
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    (SoCal) Growing a 16 weeker now, would it get kicked out of flower come May?

    I really want to sprout some landrace Acapulco Gold seeds I have here in southern california. If I transplant them outside in February, will I be able to harvest them around May, or since the days start getting longer, would it get kicked out of flower and start re-vegging? The AG I have is...
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    Possible to salvage these seed sprouts?

    So I decided to experiment and try to sprout in a medium rich with my homemade earth worm castings. Bad idea... looks like these seed sprouts got nutrient burned bad. They popped after 18h water soak and I planted them directly into my medium (peat/pumice/compost/worm castings). Planted 5 days...
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    Spider Farmer vs Mars Hydro LEDs?

    I'm looking to add about 200W-300W to my grow, the Mars Hydro TSW 2000W (300W) at $269 seems like a good bet... the Spider Farmer SF-2000 (200W) is 100W less and $300. Are the Spider Farmer lights are much better over Mars, and if so, in what way?
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    OK soil mix for 3 gallon pots?

    Going to be growing tropical landraces, mostly Mexican ones. Is this an OK mix? It's what I use in my no-till grow, but I want to run 3 gallon pots, so I can easily move any males I get. Not sure if running in 3 gallons will make a difference). Growing outdoors in southern california. Base...
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    Best grow light for growing Mexican (and other tropical) landraces?

    Heading back to my apartment soon, I got a 100W Mars Hydro White LED there that I was going to use to grow a few small plants. Wanted to ask if there's any other lights I should add for my grow? Hoping to grow 3 plants, each in like a 5 gallon container or so. Mexican landrace sativas, maybe...
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    Leaving LED grow lights on when going on vacation?

    Always wondered, is it a bad idea to leave my apartment empty for like a few days to a week or two at a time, while my grow lights are running? I get pretty paranoid about it. My neighbor helps me out and checks in every few days, but I'm always worried about a fire starting or something. I...
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    Growing with purely peat, pumice, compost and worm castings?

    I've read that all you really need is good compost (Bu's Blend) and good worm castings to grow... hoping to put that to the test :) If I'll be growing using strictly an equal mix of peat moss, pumice and (compost + EWC), how well would my plants grow with that mix? (Not looking for huge...
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    Starting seeds in 50% EWC and 50% pumice?

    I was reading that seeds sprout really well in worm bins, and I didn't have much soil, so I made a mix of 50% of my own EWC from my worm bin, and 50% pumice I had. The worm bin I started 8 months ago with 100% sphagnum peat moss, and I've just been burying the food an inch deep, so not sure if...
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    Did I toast my seed sprouts?

    I put my seeds directly into the wet paper towel method (in total-darkness), and put them on a low-heater. For a few hours though I think I turned it up too high, and half of my seeds still haven't sprouted (after 5 days). They're regular, more landrace-type seeds (Congo reg and Nepal...
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    Best way to mail seeds from US to Mexico?

    I wanted to send some seeds to my friend in Mexico so we can grow them together once I'm down there later this year. Anyone know the best way to mail seeds? I was thinking of taking them with me on the plane, but was thinking by mail would be less risky. Wasn't sure which carrier would be...
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    Help with soil mix for flower?

    My first grow - I’m about to do my final transplant into 10 gallon containers, and I know I will put a supersoil/perlite mix at the bottom 1/3 of my container. But for the top 2/3 of the container (regular soil) I was reading I should mix 1 part compost with 1 part peat moss (and/or coco coir)...