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  1. Smudga

    Does one shroom equal a flush ,do I have to dunk again?

    I have a couple of pk tek cakes in a terrarium with a heat pad underneath ,I have the p.k cakes sat on perlite and under that a big mason jars worth of fully colonised grain that never friuted ,the bits I can see still has healthy Myclium on it I thort maybe I may get some truffles but I bout...
  2. Smudga


    Please boys n gals HELP I have made the move to grain also liquid culture ( so much faster ) so I'm sat here with a kilo of fully colonised grain,brand new teranium n a bag of vermiculite STOP I CANNOT GO ANY FURTHER as I can't finger info on layering ,I need pictures just to let me see,then...
  3. Smudga

    How can I use the mycelium I have to innoc new cakes?

    It's my 1st grow I have 3small cakes in bag at 22c to 24c 2weeks no pins? But as I buy my cakes ukmushroomsupplies instead off me having to buy the spore syringe but having to wait for them to germ .how can I take some mycelium off my fruiting cakes and get em into new cakes .any ideas n even...
  4. Smudga

    Green light safe or BS

    I would like to ask anyone out here knows off or has ANY proof you can use green lights on ya plants n they don't react?after painting a low watt bulb green mon (I'm growing in uk in tent in shed mid winter so have to light at night to keep low temps away so I don't have much time to work on my...
  5. Smudga

    EX CO2 virgin needs As to dilemma

    A big thanx to all that helped on last thread,this is my dilemma : I'm growing in a shed in atent in mid winter in uk!so now I've the ideas forco2 and started pills last nite I light at night as to ward of nite time temps it works lovely but the woolen blankets ń Mylar allovertokeep th...
  6. Smudga

    Co2 virgin

    If anyone out there can pls give me a short run down on co2,wot I need to buy,and any tips please!im doing a 1m tent2 m high in the uk in the middle of winter in a shed in a tent the I exaust on a timer 15min an hour threw day and on a thermostat at night when awake n need the heat!we are at -1...
  7. Smudga

    Greedy bastards

    I have 4 plants close 2gether on a geurilla grow 3of them are a week or so into flower anyway ov the four one (the biggest with most flowering sites,sods law) has its leaves being eaten the leaves are left like skeleletons of leaves it has not affected the other 3 plants and they touch the...
  8. Smudga


    I'm doing a geurila grow I just got back from filling up my drip feeder I have 4 girls the 1 closest to the drip is 8" tall 4 sets of oposisite leaves the top 2 are curling length ways the rest is fine,they look as dry as autumn leaves but the leaf stem is good moist and standing at the angle it...
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  10. Smudga


    My plants are a month old and being a newbie IDE like to know how old they have to be before I can top?:dunce:
  11. Smudga


    :fire:I am in the uk and am doing my first grow for 25y when sensi was as rare as rocking horse shit,we mainly had resi,red,seal,gold sealect,I went off on one then "sorry"Qim doin a geurilla grow n have 4 girls a month old in a small wood,deep in bramble thing is I have not been able to get...
  12. Smudga

    UK virgin geurilla needs mates

    I only found RIULast week but up until then I've found a site and have month old girls but need uk GEURILLAS to mentor or just swap notes:wall:
  13. Smudga

    Smudges quest for finding "U.K.GEURILLAS"to compare notes ect.i KNOW YOUR OUT THERE!?

    ( I'm feeling a bit dumb ive done this thread already ,on a 2009 page(thanks Rick stein for nicely pointed it out again Rick THANNX) first up I'm a 3 way newbie 2moons ago IDE never been on a computer ,apart from FROGGERect back in the day,I'm not very literate computer or written word ,I'm 43...
  14. Smudga

    Smudga s quest to find U.K geurilas to swap notes I'm newbie doin well

    bongsmilieU.k.herb growers seem to be rare cos of our shity weather ,we exist!im a newbie but have managed to find blinding site deeeeep in bramble"got the scars to prove it,me mother asked if I was self harmin LOL but true"I have 2 haze special reg from KC brains"shit I'm told"1xAutomaria2 fem...