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  1. DankDave420

    Super Silver Haze OG Fem Freebie??

    Got this freebie from Seedsman, 'Super Silver Haze OG Fem' is what the label says. Does anyone have any info on it? Breeder or flowering times or anything? Thanks.
  2. DankDave420

    32x32 Tent Top Bin Suggestions

    The wonderful growers here talked me out of buying a budget light. For my 32x32x63" I need about 225-275w. I need to keep it under $500 USD. I have looked into HLG and Optic 1. Are there any other lights that use the top bin horticulture diodes that any one would suggest? The Optic 1...
  3. DankDave420

    Quantum Board vs Old Style Viparspectra.

    They are claiming a Mars Hydro TS1000W(actual 150W) quantum board can cover the same area(2.5*2.5) as a viparspectra600(actual 260W) old style. At the same price, $170. That is 58% of the wattage for the same area. The par chart for the QB looks really good IMO. Do you experienced guys have an...
  4. DankDave420

    Should I buy a vaporizer?

    Should I switch to vaping? I'm looking for heavy vapor, I smoke a lot, like several fat joints a day. Is the Storz n Bickel Plenty going to satisfy me? :weed:
  5. DankDave420

    Mama Mia and Red Diesel

    So I just wanted to throw a review of these freebies I got from Seedsman on here. Seedsman's Mama Mia: Heavy yields, super smelly, great high. All three were similar visually, but all varied in flavor, but were all pleasent. One was very pleasent minty, one was like a funky apple pie spice, one...
  6. DankDave420

    Starting Seeds in Sphagnum?

    What should I use to start my seeds in? I have Sphagnum peat, rice hulls, and worm castings. Do these make a good starter mix? Do I have to let this cook? Will there be PH issues or anything else I should know?
  7. DankDave420

    Nature's Pride?? Full Organic??

    Hi. I was just switching over to organic and wanted a good dry all purpose fertilizer. Anybody have any experience with Nature's Pride Bloom? I heard Boogie guy going on about it and it looks like it has a lot of the stuff I would like to put in. Is it high quality? How long could I expect this...
  8. DankDave420

    OG Kush Organic LED

    Beginning the next step in my growing adventure, Organic!! So I started a new journal. 8- OG Kush regs I seeded from HSO seeds. 2- Blueberry cross fems from an old hippy. (They got mixed together but I will easily be able to tell them apart. I ended up with 2 runts I pulled also.) 32"x32" grow...
  9. DankDave420

    Pre-mixed Teas Indoors?

    Hello. I am switching to organic. I have been shopping around for pre-mixed teas. I grow indoors in a small tent with FF soil. I just want to buy pre-mixed to try it out and may start making my own later. Does anyone have any good luck with this and have a suggestion on a good brand for indoor...
  10. DankDave420

    Auto-flower from sprout?!?

    I don't believe it. Planted two fem seeds on the porch. One just popped a bud right from sprout. Is this normal or did I get an auto mixed in? :)
  11. DankDave420

    Flushing Happy Frog PPM

    What should I be getting the runoff ppm down to in Happy Frog soil? I have a 2 cu ft bag split in 7 pots mixed with perlite. I use the trio at less than a quarter strength in bloom. My flush water is 100 ppm(TDS) spring water. I watered with 5 gallons and read almost 1000. Put three more in...
  12. DankDave420

    OG Kush LED Grow

    HSO OG Kush Reg Viparspectra 450 (200w) 3 Gallon smart pots FF Happy Frog soil FF Trio Going to do 3 grows of OG Kush and see how well I do at breeding. This is small scale just to have seeds and give to people. Only have 15 regulars, hoping it is enough to get some decent offspring. Should be...
  13. DankDave420


    I am in FF Happy Frog. I use FF trio very very lightly. I use Cal Mag. PH to around 6.5. PPM now about 300 when I feed. It was hot(80°f) and humid 60-80%. But now I am running the vent when the light is on 73-76°, 40-55%, for the last few days since I switched to 12-12. I did Azamax them last...
  14. DankDave420

    Fox Farm Trio only users don't use the feeding schedule!

    I have an engineering background and mindset and want to put in my conclusion on this subject that seems to cause a lot of confusion. I have gone over their schedules extensively and really know I have it figured out when looking at the old version of the schedule. The confusion mostly arises...
  15. DankDave420

    LED Watts per Sq. Ft.??? Unanswerable question?

    Hey guys. Just trying to get an answer on this. The sources online range from 25-60 watts of LED per sq ft for flowering optimally. I don't have a par meter and I am just looking for a general goal. I know that LED should be measured in Par umols. I know LED's aren't that far off though that...
  16. DankDave420

    Supplement for Viparspectra 400 in 32x32 tent?

    I currently have the Viparspectra 450 (200 actual watts). My tent is 32x32x63. That puts me at about 28 watts per square foot. Some sources say that is sufficient while some say I need closer to 50w/sq. ft. of LED to finish flower optimally. So I need about 150 more actual watts to be in...
  17. DankDave420

    Trueliving Outdoors All Purpose Potting Soil will not grow cannabis!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Trueliving Outdoors All Purpose Potting Soil will not grow cannabis! So if you are using this and not getting growth this is almost certainly why. Everyone I have found that tried this soil has the same results with instant improvement when transplanting...
  18. DankDave420

    DankDave420's Mixed Strain Soil Grow from seed.

    Soil grow. FF Happy Frog with pearlite. Fox Farms Trio. Blackstrap molasses as cal-mag replacement and carbs. Viparspectra Reflector 450. 32x32x63 grow tent. Ventilated. Solo cups to 6" pot to 3 gallon smart pot. Temps 70-82 Humidity 40-65. Struggle with low humidity when furnace runs. PH...
  19. DankDave420

    Viparspectra Reflector 450 distances?

    What's up guys. This is my first post here. I was just wondering if anyone has had some successful grows with this light. What distances did you find optimum, and with both switches or one? Preferably only people that have used this specific light. My seedlings are on day 10 since sprout and are...