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  1. Nizza

    Mars Hydro New Giveaway is coming, which items do you prefer?

    The fc and sp look like nice units. No problems so far running my ts1000.good luck yall and sorry to hear about the driver issues that sucks!!
  2. Nizza

    HLG LED Quantum Board Giveaway

    I agree let her keep maturing probably at least 3 weeks to go
  3. Nizza

    HLG LED Quantum Board Giveaway

    Congratulations dude! Any plans of a journal to follow?? I love checking out small grows
  4. Nizza

    HVAC experience? / AC questions

    anytime dude. any questions involving wiring let me know. I don't do the electrical but I'm HVAC so i have a rough understanding of things. You will also need to run a communication wire when you run the line sets and drain just so you're aware. It is a wire that carries power from the...
  5. Nizza

    HVAC experience? / AC questions

    just go by the max circuit breaker size to be safe. I see what you are saying amperage requirement but max breaker size is what we go. in the trades we usually call it a name plate but I'm sure there's a different name for it
  6. Nizza

    HVAC experience? / AC questions

    this 2 ton mitsubishi takes 20 amps @ 240v keep in mind a lot of states codes require an outlet within 25' of the unit for service also if you get a heat pump model you may want to get a stand for it if you expect snow...
  7. Nizza

    3Thirteen Seeds

    I wanted to grow one of these out next grow. Any report on yours? How was the structure of the plant?? Looks like you're doing organics and they look very healthy! I am going to be doing DTW coco so was also wondering how much she eats, it looks like a nice producer and I'm loving that color...
  8. Nizza

    Need Advice on what LED to purchase

    DIY10 works as well, unless they stopped using the coupon codes
  9. Nizza

    Are they ok??
  10. Nizza

    AC Infinity Fan Exhaust

    is the ac infinity fan shutting off from the controller? You may want to buy the controller 67 to set up a minimum fan speed, it is an upgraded controller. I haven't bought one yet because the shipping is outrageous! a way around this may be just not using the temp/humidity settings and just...
  11. Nizza

    Lowest possible groing temp at night?

    have you considered a night lights on cycle with a day lights off cycle to take advantage a possibly more average temp / less temp swing?
  12. Nizza

    PC GROW 70W HPS or more ?

    they require a driver and wiring though, which is easy. I'm pretty sure that they give you instructions on how to use them on the site. I've been eyeing the buddies but I need to finish working on my top-lighting on my tent. For a micro I bet you could do all buddies. If I got them I would...
  13. Nizza

    PC GROW 70W HPS or more ? If I ever did a micro grow, I'd use these things!
  14. Nizza

    Comparative Grow – Seedstockers | The Vault

    Sherbet coming along nice and healthy. I did a terrible job training it but it looks like it should be OK to flower out without any more training it will just have some smaller buds which I do not mind. Looking good in here!
  15. Nizza

    Washing buds is good idea?? Pros and cons. ?

    you could always filter it out of the water and then cook it into edibles to see if it has any effect, if you have that hakuna matata mind state. Me personally would toss the water out
  16. Nizza

    Y splitter for exhaust

    butterfly style backdraft dampers would work
  17. Nizza

    Drying questions

    looks good to me, but what I'm saying is the circulation fan should be constantly going, and an extraction fan should kick on at over 55%, to drop humidity (I'm assuming you have a low RH outside of the tent) the circulating fan will allow a more accurate reading of the humidity, the exhaust...
  18. Nizza

    Drying questions

    well if you have no air circulating constantly in the tent I would think that the RH sensor on your inkbird could be reading inaccurately. I would at least have a fan in there on a very low speed at first to avoid mold. Once you are no longer scared of mold maybe you could shut the circulation...
  19. Nizza

    Drying questions

    good luck man, the buds look great ! I dug this cool video up , which you can also do on a small scale with glass jars when you get to curing does the inkbird have a maximum outlet too? I'd set the extraction fan to turn on at above 55% or something, and the humidifier to come on below 50 or...
  20. Nizza

    COMMERCIAL GROW.Never seen this before ANY THOUGHT??

    to get full control, since you are in soil I would buy a few instruments to start with. ~a lux meter-20$ used to measure light and see if you are under lit ~a soil/medium ph probe (works in water too) by bluelab "leap probe"- 190$ + some more for the calibration/cleaning kit ~the bluelab...