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  1. farmingfisherman

    How much do you suppose a presidential pardon costs?

    Just sitting here thinking how much the so called leader of our country is charging for a pardon? Don't think its not so far fetched considering he'll likely just pardon himself before leaving office. :shock:
  2. farmingfisherman

    Anyone laid eyes on any of the new Hortilux Ascend LED fixtures in either the 450 EVS or 700 ES version with Far Red and UV built into the light.

    These look interesting with the FR and UV being built into the fixture. Hella expensive but I have to say I'm curious, as far back as I can remember Hortilux bulbs were the gold standard in HPS/MH bulbs. Hoping they put their research and RND into these before releasing them to the public...
  3. farmingfisherman

    Curing and affects it has on potency

    So puffing on what I just finished up not to long ago and in my mind its a pretty nice weed. My question is with curing will the potency go up or does the smoke only get smoother? Little over two weeks in with my curing process simple open and close once or twice daily leaving open for a few...
  4. farmingfisherman

    Stupid people gathered in DC today.

    Couldn't believe what I just watched on the evening news tonight. How dumb are people to do such a thing with covid doing what it is doing at the moment. Hardly a mask in site. How many people will get the virus from attending a fucking good bye party? Fuck stump!
  5. farmingfisherman

    Predictions on what she might yield?

    15 gallon pot started inside moved outside then brought back inside due to smoke and high winds. 2 HLG 260 3000k leds with no environment other than heat and some air movement. Approximately 69 days into flower, harvesting Halloween. Thanks much!
  6. farmingfisherman


    Lady is growing but she like me has a problem or five. She's indoors growing in soil. She had been outside but the weather deemed her to come back inside. She's under a HLG 260 3000k light in the garage. She's developing a what I believe to be a potassium deficiency, some leaves are turning...
  7. farmingfisherman

    Top dressing question.

    Low branches are getting buried in the pot when top dressing. Is it okay to do so or is it harmful to the branch? Thanks
  8. farmingfisherman

    Good bug or bad bug?

    Found it on my lady.
  9. farmingfisherman

    LED grown lady now living outdoors.. How's she doing?

    Houseplant now a garden plant who has spent 3 days outside under dappled sunlight. First day out I transplanted her into a 15 gallon poly from a five gallon root pouch, not easy because I didn't want to cut the RP. She was started in OF soil but transplant soil is a compost/soil mixture with...
  10. farmingfisherman

    Upgrading from 110 voltage to 200 amp. What size panel do I need?

    So we are upgrading the electric panel in our home, currently the house is wired for 110 only as we have a natural gas stove/oven, dryer and furnace. I'd like to run a 240 line to the room I use for growing as well as our utility/mudroom and finally to the garage. Our house has 13 total...
  11. farmingfisherman

    Results from a home inspection

    After speaking with the inspector and learning about the wiring I'm really happy I didn't burn our future home down over the winter. Picture below is apparently not what a person wants to see if they are deciding they would like to grow. Happy to have a little bit of a war chest to fall back...
  12. farmingfisherman

    Help.. Home inspection and appraisal happening!

    We are buying our house from the owners after living in it for that last 10 years. Tomorrow I have a home inspector and home appraiser coming to do their thing. I've got a small grow in our spare bedroom (1000 watts total including fans) in a 4 x 4 tent. Should I be worried? Thanks FF
  13. farmingfisherman

    Help! Home inspector and appraising issues.

    So we are buying the home we have been renting for the last decade and need to have both a inspection and appraisal done on the home. I've got a tent setup in our spare bedroom with one light and plant in it. It's not a huge operation (less than 1000 watts) total for all fans and the light...
  14. farmingfisherman

    Green dragon tincture.

    So we have dabbled with making butter but never tincture. Whipped up a batch last night and couldn't be happier. Thermometer (needed to maintain even and safe heating of EV) Destem and grind 1/8 of flower 2 ounces Everclear Decarb flower at 300F for 15 minutes Mix decarbed flower and...
  15. farmingfisherman

    Size suggestions??

    So I have my lady that I've kept as a houseplant since early spring sitting in my tent under a led in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I'm gonna flip her over to 12/12 here pretty quick and was planning on transplanting to a bigger pot. I'd love suggestions to what size I should go up to.. Pictures...
  16. farmingfisherman

    RIP Side Show Bob... May your smoke carry many folks away!

    First off I vaped a piece off Side Show as I harvested her. So bear with me cause I'm freaking ripped! First strong leaning sativa I've grown indoors (first indoor grow) and it took forever, actually 12/12 time was 118 days. Harvested her on day 120 Gave her at least 48 hours of dark...
  17. farmingfisherman


    Plant is a little over 50 days old, trying to not grow another tree again. Took some fans off the top to open things up a little. Did I take enough? Thanks
  18. farmingfisherman

    Training day.. Look okay?

    Getting my feet wet with some low stress training on a random seed I sprouted. Now that I pulled the branches down should I remove some of the lower leaves or leave them alone? I have one indoor grow under my belt where I topped the plants only so decided to try this in addition to topping...
  19. farmingfisherman

    My largest fan!

    Is this normal?
  20. farmingfisherman

    Got this little person going.. Hoping for a girl!

    Cracked a seed on April 9 and planted it with the veggie starts April 12 May 24