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    Brisket smoking on the bbq

    I’m doing a point brisket ,first time on my bbq. Wish me luck.
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    What’s this in my worm bin?

    When I first saw these crawling on some cardboard I have in the bin I thought what the hell! After looking at the pick it appears aphids mating? Not sure
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    Organic stretch

    Ive got two strains that in hydro that stretch a lot,I have them both in my soil and I got maybe 3" of stretch (28 days now).Hydro would have been 15-20".Same room, lights.Why so much difference?I do notice tighter node spacing.
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    Black strap molasses

    I noticed it dropped my ph,i put one tbls in 3 gallons but i also added a tbls of gaia bloom.Not sure which dropped my 7.2 tap to 5.8.
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    Time to top dress,little help pls.

    3 weeks flower blasting 2 600 hps in 5x5, 5 gallon pots option 1- ewc 2 cups,2 tbls gaia bloom mix spread water in option 2-use composted soil,50 days old.basic mix with dry 444,kelp,lime,rock dust ect... mix this with gaia bloom same as option 1. ewc is store bought,probably not the best...
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    What micron bag for teas

    I have the 8 bag full mesh bubble kit,I know some i dont need, should work for making tea id think?
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    Oh crap. What did I do?

    Bubba kush plant, under a 400 mh. Was doing well until I gave her 1.5 table spoon of 444 ,2 gallon pot. Home made soil. leaves are curling up ,dry crunchy on the ends. I ve covered the top 3/4” with sand to kill the gnats. This was 3 weeks ago. I mixed the Gaia 444 with the sand. is the dry...
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    Dry amendments soaking in water?

    Can it be done,if say take a cup of gaia 444 and 5 gallons let it steep.What say you?
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    How do you smoke your hash

    I’m talking about the dried stuff straight from the bags. Not the pressed and rolled. Not sure what the right name is?? I don’t do knifes and my pipe is just too hot on the throat. Do these vape things work for this? thanks.
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    Bubble hash

    Im a week away from harvest,dreading the trimming.I understand you dont need to dry the product you freeze it is this true? Ill be shopping for bags this week,I read some of you only use certain ones/sizes.Im sure ill have more questions ,ive just started watching videos.
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    Mix for clones

    Last time I took some old peat from my garden and mixed a little compost in. That was a little hot. this time was gonna try new peat. Hopefully no bugs. Maybe 50/50 mix with my cooked soil. Or??
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    Check out my pots

    These are 6” across 6” high half a gallon I’d guess. There’s a ton of drain holes. I’ve planted a clone in and within a few days I have roots coming out. Is this a problem?organic soil.
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    Soil is ready. But there’s aphids!!!

    So soil is in garage been sitting/cooking long enough. Was mixed in the fall when we had major aphids hatching. what can I do before I bring it in the house? Is freezing an option ? It’s -15 c tonight.
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    Mosquito Dunks How To.

    Whats the deal,I bought some for my coco and soil plants.How do I use them? Thanks.
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    Twisted and shrivelled leaves

    these were clones planted 3 weeks ago. There in some promix that was amended back in the spring with compost and 4-4-8. I had potatoes growing in this mix. When the potatoes finished I saved the dirt mixed in about 10% compost watered it and it sat for 2 weeks before my rooted clones went in...
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    Dehumidifier water really low pH. ??

    I tested my dehumidifier water just now and WTH!! Ph was 4! Confirm with drops. Blood red. What gives?
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    Can you feed peat like coco?

    I have some one month old clones that were put in some used peat per light compost mix. I added some compost before I planted about 15%. There starting to look hungry. My plan is to just take clones from these so they need to green up first. I assume all the food is gone so I thought I could...
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    Substitute for rock dust.

    The price of this stuff is just too much,what else can i use to mix with it? Im using 4 cups per cu/ft.I have all the other goodies to mak 3 cu/ft.But no dust.
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    Some tea to go with that?

    My soil has been cooking for 18 days. Wondering if it’s worth the effort to give it some tea? Perhaps some ewc or??? my mix is a combo of kelp,alfalfa insect frass and some organic 444. Rock dust and dolomite lime.
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    What is a good basic mulch for my living soil.

    I’ve been reading and I’m getting a little overwhelmed with the terminology of all this. My clones are in 1 gallon pots. Some old peat compost mix that I added 20% compost too. Trying to keep the tops moist. To keep it simple can I just cut some cardboard to cover? If I wanted to go one step up...