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    I could use help with RDWC I'm building

    1/2” drill bit can be a spade bit. Should be under $5
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    Mostly for self documentation.

    Yeah that’s quite the rabbit hole. Just too many pages. For this pot smoker
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    Mostly for self documentation.

    Sweet thanks. I’m gonna try this.
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    Mostly for self documentation.

    Ok I see. So naturally when you put two pails together there’s a void space. Your space is bigger? So your water pipe holds the two apart?
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    Could this cause nute burn ?

    This what happens to my plants when the dry fertilizer is too hot I get the yellow on the edges
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    Mostly for self documentation.

    Nice. Say again what these 5 g sips are? Bucket in bucket. And bottom has perlight ? So the top pail sits on perlite?
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    Buds not as developed in week 7? When to start Flushing?

    Google: flushing rollitup. Pages and pages of what the community thinks. Your plants look good.
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    So....I guess I screwed up my nutrient mix in my RDWC

    I run my tap water into the last bucket via garden hose,room temp water.Pump in my res goes to waste.I run until EC drops to close to tap.Water level doesn't change, water in equals water out.Takes about 20 minutes.
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    Ebb and flow home made

    Not a big fan of these systems,seems your really only one step away from rdwc which is less complicated.What are the benefits of this system?Ive seen some monster grows but it does appear complicated with the extra pumps/timers.
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    Another first time grower here DWC with some help

    It can be a challenge running a few separate dwc pails,ea one will be different.You try to find one mix that makes them all happy. For those that are new try really low EC and see how it goes.Slowly add food and observe .I once grew a plant in just calmag and water,was only in veg but it did...
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    What went wrong, bleached leaves, curling, brown spots, curling, new grow

    There small so no need for runoff,but do add more calmag.Just feed a circle around the plant every 3 days.In a week you'll have roots coming out the bottom.Then feed to runoff.
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    Please help well intentioned grower get a toehold in the organic world! topdress and tea---

    That sure is a lot ,a cup and a half in one shot.
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    Newbie problems. Appreciate any input

    Blue spectrum light?? That’s for clones that you don’t want to grow isn’t it??
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    Has anyone any good ideas to prevent smelling like weed after working with plants

    If ya works with shit you smell like shit. You could try dousing yourself in baby powder first. Lol.
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    Guys i need help asap!!!

    Did this happen overnight or been like this awhile? If it was brought on quickly then look at what you fed last time. If it’s been awhile then I’d look at ph.
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    Guys i need help asap!!!

    Yup. She’s telling me she feels yellow.
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    Guys i need help asap!!!

    I know. WTF do people think we can read minds?
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    Please help well intentioned grower get a toehold in the organic world! topdress and tea---

    Most if not all throw salts at it almost immediately then wonder why they have problems 3 weeks in. Newbie central is full of threads like that.
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    Guys i need help asap!!!

    If ya wants help then help us. Looks like dirt? That’s all I know.