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  1. sarahJane211

    Any hints for drying in a humid atmosphere?

    So it's monsoon and humidity rarely gets below 75% ....... how do I dry my harvest to 58-63%? I don't have a dehumidifier. Any ideas?
  2. sarahJane211

    I get 1oz from autos and 2oz from photos.

    I'm clearly not the best grower in the world but my grows are fairly consistent. 1oz from autos, and 2oz from photos, growing under HLG 240+QB clones. I see people claiming they are getting 1 pound, and just don't believe it (not under LED anyway). There's a guy claiming 1 pound in a recent...
  3. sarahJane211

    Home grown Amnesia is too strong.

    So I've recently harvested Amnesia auto ...... not a huge harvest at just over 1oz, but wayyyyy too strong. Made the mistake of smoking a whole joint (50% tobacco), almost passed out and threw up 30 minutes later. Today I've had 2 puffs ....... just about the right amount. You guys must have...
  4. sarahJane211

    One clone loves the morning sun.

    It does this every morning, twists it's entire upper body to point at the sun. The other clones aren't all that bothered.
  5. sarahJane211

    Forced flowering ....... are pheromones involved?

    I flipped my lighting to 12/12 a few weeks back, and I had one plant and a couple of Autos that wouldn't fit in my grow area. So I just stood the 2 autos, and a rather large photo outside the tent, by my window. Everything is in flower now, including the large photo standing in natural light by...
  6. sarahJane211

    I've got some mould on my leaves ........

    ............ and it's getting worse. Just bought a $10 tub of fungicide and it's larger than expected. Enough to treat the next 333 infections (3gm per 2l water spray) (side effects, liver cancer and genetic damage to your future children .... no problem as too old to worry about those) Says...
  7. sarahJane211

    How are you smoking yours?

    Was smoking with an American pal by the pool, watching the backpacker girls in tiny bikinis and I realised his joints didn't burn well. "Have you put enough tobacco in these" I asked. "We Americans don't put tobacco in our joints" he replied. As a Brit, I can't imagine smoking anything but...
  8. sarahJane211

    Amnesia Auto from Seed Stockers bud photos, how long left?

    These are supposed to be ready in 75 days, but already 65 days and I think they have 2-3 weeks to go. What do you guys think? Interesting colours compared to my other plants.
  9. sarahJane211

    My DIY ultrasonic cloner ...... 1st attempt

    Had an ultrasonic mister lying around, pulled the directional top off, cut some foam rings and put a cutting in the top. Have no idea if this'll work, but thought it's worth a go.
  10. sarahJane211

    My grow tent 1st March and 28th March.

    At the start of this month I had a card box to grow in, in that month I had to buy a bigger/taller tent (MarsHydro). It's amazing the size difference of the plants in just 4 weeks (same lights, same plants). 1st March. 28th March
  11. sarahJane211

    Amnesia Auto from Seed Stockers ..... 10 days into flowering

    I bought these seeds ........... because they were cheap, and the one I planted seems to be doing fairly well. Never had much luck with autos, always small and stunted until now. This one raced for my lights, had to top it at around 1m in an attempt to stunt it's growth, which didn't work...
  12. sarahJane211

    Tips of my older leaves going white

    Growing in Coco coir + Perlite, and the tip of the older leaves are going white, all the new growth is fine. I'm thinking it's a cal-mag problem ..... as this plant missed out on getting any. I've added some cal-mag to this mornings feed, so hopefully the newer leaves won't suffer. Does plants...
  13. sarahJane211

    Is this ready to harvest?

    This is one of my many failures, it made a lollipop of itself and I chucked it out in the backyard. Only a couple of inches of bud .... 3 or 4 smokes ........ should I cut it and cure it now? (I'm probably the worst grower in the world)
  14. sarahJane211

    How bright should I light my plants?

    Just bought my first decent light HGL 240 with two Chinese made quantum boards and a dimmer. Can adjust from 2,000 to 47,000 lux at 24" from the lights (I have no idea what I'm doing). Tried them at 8k for a couple of nights and no apparent negative effects, just upped it to 10k ..... how high...