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  1. Killaki

    Recycled soil tested after 1 year

    Neat food for thought!
  2. PNW 38

    Recycled soil tested after 1 year

    ...cut at ~21 days each, plus 4 days between final transplant and starting 12/12 for all plants. The only additives I used were - a little greensand and glacial rock dust after the first plants came down, to try and bump up what looked like low micros. - I topdressed two 'hungrier' looking...
  3. PNW 38

    Recycled soil test after 1 year

    ...from the initial mix when starting first flower cycle And this is the test I just got back During the past year - I added a little greensand and glacial rock dust after the first plants came down, to try and bump up what looked like low micros. - I topdressed two 'hungrier' looking...
  4. S

    Where to find Gypsum in Canada

    ...grade gypsum has not been approved for organic grows. I get most of my inputs from Gaia Green 4-4-4 for an organic grow. INGREDIENTS: alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, mined potassium sulphate, fossilised carbon complex, rock phosphate, greensand, kelp meal, and gypsum.
  5. L

    Worth buying BuildASoils soil?

    ...some hlg qb's in your grows right? I was thinking the additional Mg in the langbeinite might be something that paired nicely with the strong leds. I almost grabbed some not too long ago, but went with greensand for some K boost as it seemed a better fit for me to run through the worms bins...
  6. gr865

    ⚠︎ Brother OneHitDone Goes Organic ⚠︎ #Grean Bicycles Growing

    I tried using peat a number of years ago, found it way to salty. When I make a soil mix for my house plants I add coco instead of peat. I have also doubled up on earthworm castings. Can't wait to do an organic soil grow, what is your usual yield from your 4x4?
  7. MustangStudFarm

    Aquaponic sip?

    Greensand is the most important in my opinion. There are not many Mn inputs out there.
  8. MustangStudFarm

    Aquaponic sip?

    ...are talking about sounds a lot like a Soma SIP. It might be worth looking into. Worm bins are more of my passion. If you have access to greensand, it's some of the best stuff that I found. I use Azomite, Greensand, and Basalt in the worm bin along with barley. If I was to only choose 1...
  9. MustangStudFarm

    Need some knowledge from a guru man

    ...I'm here to call out the misinformers. I can't hate on Wetdog though, I think the he genuinely tries to help people and he got me using greensand, but he did side with Wak while I was trying to figure out what was going wrong in my grow. Sorry guy but I specifically remember "Wet-N-Wak"...
  10. M

    Need some knowledge from a guru man

    Yeah totally agree seaweed extract was to give a little boost to roots and foliage to an extent am sticking with my compost for feeding and will do a nettle tea and will start adding nettles comfrey to compost I must have at least 50 to 70 + worms working through compost which is good compost...
  11. MustangStudFarm

    Need some knowledge from a guru man

    ...don't use it straight out of the bag. I'll run it through the worm bin first or something. You said that you might have trouble locating greensand. The hippy method for getting micronutrients is to use companion plants to compost with like comfrey, nettle, and borage. There is a plant...
  12. MustangStudFarm

    Need some knowledge from a guru man your pot(if you believe in that). What basalt doesn't deliver is manganese(not magnesium) and zinc. Rock dust and kelp doesn't deliver all of the micronutrients that you need(like bro science suggests). I use greensand, azomite, and basalt in my mix and I usually compost it before I use it.
  13. B

    is it nessary to mix anything in pro mix befor you use it.

    yup you are correct on all points especially the point about use of expensive additives and nuts . seriously i ve been growing for 50 yrears believe me make it simple you get just as good results, i ve tried a lot of combinations in all those years and now i use PRO mix bx and TPS 1 eazy...
  14. The303Yeti

    Canna Coco A & B questions

    I add half strength canna every other watering. I also use some other additives when necessary. Fish emulsion, epson salt, greensand, big swell, enzymes, molasses. All plants are going to handle diffrent amount of nutrients. Start with half and bump it up a small amount if you have no negative...
  15. Z

    Quick help

    Thanks bro!!
  16. The303Yeti

    Transplanted in early flower

    ...chunks in it. Soak the biochar in a liquid nutrient 1/8 to 7/8 water before using. You don't need much. $10 or $20 bag goes along way. -Greensand. Has multiple minerals. -Crab meal -Kelp meal -Worm castings. You can buy good cheap worm castings off etsy. Bioactive is key. You don't want...
  17. The303Yeti

    leaves turning yellow! What is this? Help! Please

    I grow organic and never have issues. Adding greensand and kelp take care of mineral needs. Veg is right about chem nutes being hard on the plants and soil. They kill living organisms in the soil and burn plants. Salt build up is also much higher. I have grown great bud with chem nutes but...
  18. The303Yeti

    Quick help

    This is a nutrient deficiency. Adding a small amount of greensand to the soil at beginning of grow will help. Kelp meal during flowering is also great. Since she is in late flowing she should finish okay. Always check for bugs or mold on undersides of leaves.
  19. MustangStudFarm

    Please Critique my soil recipe!

    ...just saying that they will NOT deliver the micronutrients that "Bro Science" has suggested. After you get your soil tested, you will be trying to figure out ways to raise your Mn and Zn and neither one will deliver. Greensand is one of the very few Mn inputs out there other than manganese...
  20. GrOwThMoNgeR

    Please Critique my soil recipe!

    Great info thank you for sharing these authors.