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  1. Houstini

    Speakeasy Seedbank

    never seen this Seedbank before the karma drop. Placed an order last Wednesday, payment options were mail cash/mo or bitcoin. USA based bank. Upon recept of funds, order went out next day and was packaged professionally. Unfortunately no freebies, but did get free shipping on my order of over 200.
  2. Houstini

    A handful of seeds

    Time for a journal. I take enough pictures I could make a few if I remembered what I did. But for now we will start with seedlings planted right before full moon at spring exuinox, sounds about right. Got 2 trays started that I will sex out and go straight outdoor in family co-op, eyes will be...
  3. Houstini

    Air rooting/taking large clones

    This branch was scraped, root hormone applied and a rapid rooter was slit and wrapped around the stem and wrapped in foil. 3 weeks in I’ve got a 14” tall 7+ node branch. Does it work? Yes. Will I use it again? Maybe. Very fun nonetheless. Will be a great outdoor clone for me.
  4. Houstini

    Oregon Greenhouse Build 2017

    have 90% materials ready to go and posts set. Will have to get roof in place by mid-July. Plants will have to be on pallets and move in, then build walls around. Goal is to be protected by end of season. Let's see how this goes, I'll post progress! If anyone has input I'd be grateful