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  1. NukaKola

    NukaKola's Indoor (Coco/LED)

    Feel free to join along and comment/discuss/etc This will be an ongoing journal. New strains will be popped each run. I'm growing in a 6x8 shed with 3x7 being used for the canopy. Strains: 10 - Greenpoint Seeds City Slicker (Gelato 33 x Stardawg) 10 - Greenpoint Seeds Pebble Pusher (FPOG x...
  2. NukaKola

    CMH, QB, or keep my HPS.

    Hello, My space is approximately 3'x7'x6' (actual: 3'3"x7'4"x6'). I'm currently running 2 600w single-ended HPS and they are about due for a bulb change ($200). I veg in the same space with a 400w MH. I'm considering swapping to 3 315w CMH or 3-4 240w Kingbrite LED's. I already have 3 hoods...