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  1. NukaKola

    Great deal on bricks of COCO $8.00

    Good deal indeed! Just bought 6 bricks at my local store for $10/ea last weekend or I would order some. Thanks for the heads up :blsmoke:
  2. NukaKola

    How much air movement needed.

    Just for the smell. Although if you use a carbon filter you need an in-line centrifugal fan. One of the cheap booster fans won’t cut it, they are meant for airflow only and don’t have enough static pressure to run with a filter.
  3. NukaKola

    1st LED grow

    Doing great for your first indoor run! Keep killing it :bigjoint:
  4. NukaKola

    Rattling oscillating fans

    Just kisses the lips ;)
  5. NukaKola

    DIY with Quantum Boards

    Yeah they are Molex. Apparently, Molex is actually a company. I’m used to the term Molex being used for the 4-pin PC connectors.
  6. NukaKola

    Grow Light LED recommendations for a 4'x2' grow tent?

    Yeah that ChilLed is league's ahead of the Phlizon. I'm sure you will love it. Sadly, I will be rocking my 2060 super for quite a bit longer I presume. :(
  7. NukaKola

    NukaKola's Indoor (Coco/LED)

    Appreciate the kind words, thanks for stopping by! :bigjoint: If you have any questions about anything, feel free.
  8. NukaKola

    Grow Light LED recommendations for a 4'x2' grow tent?

    It's a nice light for sure. $650 for 330w is quite steep though.
  9. NukaKola

    IYO: What's the optimum amount of wattages to have in a 48"x48"x80" mylar grow tent using LED lights?

    30-40w sq ft, so 480-640w of quality white LED’s. With blurples you would want closer to 40-50w sq ft.
  10. NukaKola

    Light for my clones

    1 would be plenty, clones don’t need a lot of light.
  11. NukaKola

    Greenpoint seeds!!

    Did you defoliate all the leaves off? Or do they need more light?
  12. NukaKola

    Light for my clones

    I’ve using some of the T5 LED’s from your second link for garage lighting. I’m sure they would work fine for clones.
  13. NukaKola

    New light for xmas

    Get 2 of the 4-packs of HLG QB 120's and 2 Meanwell HLG-240H-24A drivers. (Link) Place a 315w CMH in the middle of each tent with a QB 120 on each corner. Would come out to around 550w per tent with great spread and mix of spectrum.
  14. NukaKola

    Does dimming hurt the quality of light?

    480w-640w is all you need for a 4x4 with quality LED’s. Anything over that won’t be all that beneficial. You may as well get a 5x5 or 4x8 if you want to use that much wattage.
  15. NukaKola

    Need lighting help

    That’s just under 30w sq ft. I would either run 4x 315w or 2x 630w. 2x 630w would have more even coverage in a 4x8 since 630w are meant to cover a 4x4, 315w are meant to cover a 3x3.
  16. NukaKola

    How much air movement needed.

    So from your post it seems that you already have the intake/exhaust covered? Are you air cooling the light? If you just need an oscillating fan for air movement I would go with a tower style oscillating fan since you are in a tent. They take up much less space than a wall mount. The cheap...
  17. NukaKola

    Co2 and vpd?

    Dig the QB 132's! How are you liking the Autopilot APC8200? Was thinking about picking one up.
  18. NukaKola

    Bridgelux EB Gen 3 High Output 4ft Strips
  19. NukaKola

    Whats a good quality grow room humidifer?

    I don’t use them but I know people that run the Active air & Ideal air commercial humidifiers. Not a whole lot of options if you want direct connect water supply.
  20. NukaKola

    Poor man's indoor lights

    I would say the kingbrites would be an upgrade. LM301’s are among the most efficient diodes on the market. What type of diodes do your standard bulbs use?