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  1. Twistyman

    Crazy weather...

    Here in Quebec there should be at least 24" of snow on ground.. We have maybe 8.. A few years ago we got 400 cm.. thats 13 feet...also in Feb we should have many nights/days at -40c/f.. tomorrow will be 0c/32f... its all back asswards....
  2. Twistyman

    United States of Corporate America

    Drained the swamp and replaced it with La Brea Tar Pits.
  3. Twistyman

    United States of Corporate America

    So true.....................
  4. Twistyman

    Why are my plants drooping?

    Look fine to me.
  5. Twistyman

    Wondering if this is ok ???

    Cal/mg epsom salts. ratio: 1 teaspoon /5ml per gal.
  6. Twistyman

    2016 Spring BBQ Sat 4/23 jack to see if spam happens here like other sites. my signature smiley may be issue.. again pardon interjection.
  7. Twistyman

    How much should I be watering?

    By weight... easier if you are using Promix. for me that worked out to 2 times a week..
  8. Twistyman

    can tronald dump even win half of republican primary voters?

    Dems were also the most bigoted party...THEN, but not now.. shit has changed a lot. basically been a role reversal.
  9. Twistyman

    can tronald dump even win half of republican primary voters?

    Expecting good things to come if Trump wins is like hoping you picked up a turd by the clean end.. its a lose lose prospect.
  10. Twistyman

    Light and space problems

    I would have topped that and kept it short... I was growing 4 plants in a 22" x 20 " closet using a 600W, had heat at about 80 most time...heat isn't as bad as humidity
  11. Twistyman

    Anyone else hear Tilray is going bankrupt?

    of all the Govt approved sellers does anyone have info on which is good, and which have good quality... I had a CtCC card here in quebec but all stores have shut and its only Govt approved now and I have no one I know that has any info... thanks.
  12. Twistyman

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    dogs have masters... cats have slaves.
  13. Twistyman

    Please help asap

    may just be the stress..but the ph is too high also,, remove dead/yellow leaves and get ph lowered.. luck.
  14. Twistyman

    Dying/discolored tips on plant.

    under 60 ain't good at all... and the temp swings will bite you in yield ass.
  15. Twistyman

    Guys...I just.. I give up (pics)

    nutes and PH. issue... when I see any odd signs I bounce the PH around..before I would throw everything at it..lock up and get vellowing.. my 1st thing is to do read out in soil, tells you right away if the plants are eating.....not doable in hydro.. I also bump PH up/down by .2... and 8/10...
  16. Twistyman

    Marijuana Causes Bad Stomach Problems, Etc.

    I've had IBS all my life..imodium works...but weed is 100% and faster... I've never heard of weed/gut issues...well except that ya eat too much...
  17. Twistyman

    Help me- Help FDD

    Good luck man... remember weed...time zooms by the older ya get... keep your head up...ass down and see you soon.
  18. Twistyman

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    nice to see the 1 tooth crowd among us....
  19. Twistyman

    Obama using kids as human shields...

    I'd be more worried about the US piss one screams that they are getting your DNA.... but freak about getting a background check.... and everyone from employers to landlords already run background checks..its not an invasion..its called safeguarding the people.. I'm no angel but I...