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    Burping jars in drying tent?

    I'm wondering if it's a good idea to burp my jars in my drying tent? The tent is held right around 60% RH and there is a light breeze. I'm planning on burping for 1 hour a day for the first week. What do you guys think? Thanks.
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    How much longer before harvest?

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get a few opinions on how much longer these top colas have left before I should harvest them. Thanks.
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    2nd grow... How far from harvest?

    Good afternoon everyone. This is my second grow so I'm still pretty noob and wanted some opinions on my buds. About how much longer until I should harvest? The first 2 pics are "cherry pie" and the second two are "gelato". Thanks everyone.
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    Weird leaf texture, yellow striping.

    Hey everyone, I am trying to identify and fix an issue with my plants before they start flowering. I was hoping some with more knowledge can help since this is my second grow ever. The bottom leafs are yellowing and kinda striped looking. Some of the older shade leafs also have this weird...
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    Foliar feed overwatered plants?

    If your soil is drenched and you suspect your plants are having issues with deficiencies/lockout because of the overwatered soil. Can you foliar feed the plants without causing additional harm? I was wondering because since the roots may not be breathing too well, the leafs are doing all the...
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    Can you identify the issue?

    Hey everyone. Can you help identify the issue with my plants? I started these from seeds back in April. I put them in the ground a few weeks ago. Everything was looking good until today after work, I noticed some weird leaf curl and discoloration. The only fertilizer they have been given was...
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    Are my clones flowering?

    Hello everyone, growing newbie here... wondering if my clones are flowering. I received them April 21st and I had them under 18/6 for the first week, I'm not sure what schedule they were under before I had them. I then started hardening them off the next week, bringing them in at night and...