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  1. NewEnglandFarmer

    adjust pH with fish hyrolysate?

    I've been feeding my plants occasional snacks of diluted fish hydrolysate which they seem to really enjoy. The first few times I didn't check pH, just added the prescribed amount (4T/gallon) and drenched roots (also tried a foliar spray). Today I did another root drench but figured I should...
  2. NewEnglandFarmer

    New England Growers: storm alert

    You probably already know this but tomorrow and esp. tomorrow night we may get pounded with torrential rains and gusty wind from remnants of Isaias. Today and tonight is a good time to batten down the hatches and make sure your ladies are well supported. Hope everyone fares well. Glad to have...
  3. NewEnglandFarmer

    Topdressing with Tennessee Brown Rock

    Thinking about feeding my organic outdoor grow some extra phosphorus in anticipation of flowering, I decided to take a look at what I have on hand instead of going out and spending more money on fish bone meal. I decided to give Tennessee Brown Rock a try--have most of a 25# bag on hand, some of...
  4. NewEnglandFarmer

    Shelf life

    Looking for advice on maximizing shelf life of the harvest this fall. I'm thinking about pint-size mason jars stored in a cool dark place. Any advantage to freezer or frig.? I hear conflicting things on that. If properly stored is 2 years possible? Or will it deteriorate even under the best of...
  5. NewEnglandFarmer

    heavy weather headed to New England

    Just FYI, NWS is calling for severe Thunderstorms tomorrow (Wednesday 7/8) with potential of "damaging winds and hail." I'm wondering if I should do something to protect my plants--they're relatively sheltered but haven't done any support yet.
  6. NewEnglandFarmer

    humic acid

    Anybody add humic acid to their soil? Or compost tea? Foliar spray? From what I read it's supposed to help plants take up nutrients. I ordered some powdered stuff ($10) but wanted to check with others before using it.
  7. NewEnglandFarmer

    Maine Outdoor 2020 (first timer)

    Going to take my first crack at growing and would love to ask questions and share my progress and experience (seeds from GPS are on their way). This will be in Maine, a few miles in from the coast, nice sheltered spot with great southern exposure and decent wind protection. First question...
  8. NewEnglandFarmer

    Seeking Advice on Getting Started

    Hello--I'm aiming to try my hand at growing some cannabis outdoors this season (coastal New England, zone 5B), had a few questions for the veterans on here. Where's the best place to buy seeds online? Or should I try locally here in my state? I'm a big fan of organic agriculture so would love...