Happy go lucky medical patient. Graduate of Oaksterdam basic and advanced classes. I was the valedictorian in the advanced class. I have also taken a few of the electives. I've learned quite a bit at the medical cups, secret cups and hemp fests. So I'm not just trying to sponge experience from all of you great growers, I can answer some basic questions and even some complicated ones that I have experience with.
I have no job, no health insurance, no money, but I have some time before the dirt nap. I am trying to grow some prime cannabis to combat my symptoms. I have some heinous bouts of nausea every so often. So, most of my grow information is for sativa or sativa dominant strains. I have grown indicas, but those things just make me sleepy and hungry and don't help too much with the nausea. They do make me feel great when I'm ready for sleep.
I really like going to the dispensaries and getting all of that selection, but I grow it better, controlling what is going into the process. Not just controlling the processes, ingredients and equipment, but also the intentions of every event in my garden. My edibles are as good as anything I've bought from the dispensaries. So I am also trying to find out what everyone else is doing with their cannabis. I've had a couple of indoor harvests and am now going outdoor to save some dough, not running lights, a/c, pumps, and fans.
July 24
Southern California





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