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    Humic Acid Reduces THC???

    Ya, i have heard of that product. I think they were in on the significance of microbes early on. Ive never used but from what ive come across that item has a good reputation and many users. Have you tried EM1?
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    Humic Acid Reduces THC???

    I sent another message to URB and also went to BioAg's contact page and asked them too! Ya im gonna buy a lil inoculant from Doc Sarah. You can test it out for 15.99$ including shipping. This is what i normally use. I apply at germination and again when potting up. This ia an other inoculant...
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    Humic Acid Reduces THC???

    @Bill Dillows this scientist (below) also references the possible over application of humate. MESSAGE FROM Dr,. Sarah, PhD, chief soil scientist at MicraCulture. Hey Rudy, Thanks for getting in touch and sharing this research. I had not seen this study before, so it is always nice to...
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    Microbial mass

    Ive used about a dozen microbial and myko inoculates. I do think they work. In my experience tainio stuff is geat, mammoth works well, photosynthesis plus works well, so does recharge and soil balance pro, og bio war can also be effective to just name a few. But Microbial Mass cant even spell...
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    Microbial mass

    "Miicrobial Mass features two bacterial strains (Bacillus megaterium and Bacillus megaterium) that have the capacity to produce phytases and organic acids to ensure solubilisation of both organic and inorganic phosphorus. This product therefore allows the plant to absorb phosphorus, an...
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    how many days until you give up on seeds?

    Last month i had a bean pop after 14 days. It was very slow as a seedling as well. But its become lush AF since then. Now it is on day 7 of flower. Serious Seeds, Strawberry Akeil, I got a pic if anyone curious
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    Grow-Sil for silica, is it any good?

    Silicon Influences Soil Availability and Accumulation of Mineral Nutrients in Various Plant Species Silicon addition improves plant productivity and soil nutrient availability without changing the grass:legume ratio response to N...
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    Seed Viability

    Some of the sugar punch beans were really nice. I grew that strain a few times. Nice plant, full size, good yielder, decent potency. Nice sweetness in flavor.
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    If the French can do it, why not us?

    Im a big fan of Anand Giridharadas. He states that the upper socio economic class in usa spend about 70k per year purchasing direct education, other training and support per child while lower socio economic spend 2-3k mostly through public education. These investments help maintain a nearly...
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    Power Si

    Ya, makes sense. I'm so recycled substrate oriented that I habitually space on other modes.
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    Power Si

    Sometimes avoiding K is crucial. Wollastonite is CaSiO3, it is alkaline but weakly, barely effects pH. GrowSil : "Natural Silica is a 99.9% pure amorphous silica made from rice hulls. Grow-Sil is the highest purity biogenic silica available to growers today. Many conventional silica/silicate...
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    Should I tell my PO

    Its hard to stop a 10r. Such a fucking bad ass bike
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    Trump : The bloom is off the rose.

    After defeat and 2 impeachment no one with power and sense is gonna take the defeated slob as a legit gangster. Here is an indication of the caliber of half wits, cons and cucks supporting this bloated slob / has-been failure.
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    Power Si

    Ive not used either of those. I think grow sil works great, doesn't change pH, cheap AF. Do you have experience using Mill$ on cannabis?