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    CSI humboldt thread

    The one Lemon Party S1 I grew had average effect, nothing notable either way.
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    Cookies Fam Genetics has a pic of every strain implying that they've grown out all of their gear at least once and aren't so lazy they can't even pull out their phone to snap a pic. That puts them miles ahead of 95% of the industry.
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    CSI humboldt thread

    I've only cracked one Lemon Party S1 so far. It was very terpy but orangey citrus and not lemon at all. Lip-smacking sweet on the vape though. Tiny buds. Hoping for something better in the rest of the pack.
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    Green line organics seed bank

    There's no reason to think his chucks are any worse than the chucks from the big names he was selling. He was connected to lots of breeders and probably had good parents to use.
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    Clearwater Genetics

    Apple Tartz, 9 weeks. Only one I've run so far. Big loud buds, just a bit left on the grinder stinks up the whole bedroom. Smells all skunky and burned rubber to me but the non-partaking partner who has a good sniffer says it's all lemon and fruit. it's hard for me to get good pics in my...
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    Cookies Fam Genetics

    What do you think Bodhi's cut of the $500 gear is? I'm guessing not 50% and I wouldn't be surprised if Cookies uses Hollywood Accounting. "Sorry, we lost money on those packs and you still owe us for the marketing."
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    organic nutriens and chemical nutriens

    muh exudates!!
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    bodhi seeds

    Crack those Appalachia crosses if you have any left. They are 10 years old now. Make F2s or S1s if you find any keepers.
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    Yes or no: Can you tell if a seed is male or female?

    Not true, many folks would rather make/buy gear made with parents that are both known to produce fire female flower. Male selection is a joke.
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    Educate the dinosaur on Matt Riot
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    Long Users Showed Avg. IQ Decline of -5.5 points
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    Tell me about your Bicycle

    In my state, you're supposed to ride on the road as far to the right _as practicable_ and it says if there isn't enough room for a car and a bike to travel side by side safely, including three feet of passing distance, you're supposed to take the whole lane. I ride my velomobile in a rural area...
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    Blueberriest Blueberry, seed form

    On the first page of that thread JD quotes DJ from 2011 saying the rumors are false and the Blueberry parents haven't been lost. Apparently, "DJ lost the parents" is just a dumb rumor started by someone...
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    Clearwater Genetics

    At least IHG and Clearwater don't make knock-offs of other breeders gear, like Copycat or Archive does.