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    Cyber Monday Week Giveaway—Enter to Win Inkbird Temp+Humidity Controller

    Inkbird products are great! Count me in please
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    Can you tan under hlg lights?

    Method Seven Cultivator FX – Horticulture Lighting Group you can find a few different types of glasses out there on the market, your eyes are the #1 thing to protect. You would only need sun screen if running UV light and staying in there for a while
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    Cannabis School

    if growing weed is what you love for work and the certificate will allow you to work somewhere promising I'd say yes, do it
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    I like using beneficial nematodes, cheap and easy. Most likely its watering infrequency causing roots to die and then rotting and feeding the gnats
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    My weed does not give me almost any high

    The spider mites and thrips suck the life from the plant so it really cannot produce as it would have. I would start with a basic complete fertilizer routine then add something each run to see how it works for you. If you do more preventative maintenence like spraying pesticides during veg...
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    My weed does not give me almost any high

    During veg are you giving them a night cycle? An off cycle will help a bit with the plant storing carbohydrates. Also making sure your plant has proper nutrition is important for resin. Ventilation is a must too, do not overlook that You won't regret going 11 or 12 weeks
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    My weed does not give me almost any high

    You won't regret going an extra month give it a try. Keep feeding all the way until the end and you will get rock hard buds that dry properly. If light is an issue where you dry try a cardboard box with strings going across like clothes lines and some fans rigged up. If you aren't getting at...
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    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    Some updated pics from today I think I'll hit them with some pesticides this week for preventative. I think I'm gonna scrog these , also I need to put a circulating fan in there
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    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    Growth is starting to speed up. I finally got deep into the foliage and removed all the little regrowth I cut off a ton of shoots today and put a bunch of these little red trainer benders on the stalks. I need to remember to take them off in a few weeks. I am now cleaning up my 5x5 tent to get...
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    BK’s shit show

    Ever seen these gadgets to help dial in moisture/ soil salinity? I bought one but I've been so off on my grow op lately just slacking but wondering if you've seen this or thought about adding it to your tools. I plan to use it more when my manifold system is balanced better and blah blah blah I...
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    INKBIRD November New Product Giveaway!

    Damn that logger looks slick! Count me in inkbird makes good stuff I'm revegging some neglected plants
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    Spider Farmer Black Friday Giveaway, Rich Prizes, 3 Winners

    USA 369 #spiderfarmerblackfriday
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    HYPHOTONFLUX LED Grow Light- Giveaway + voucher!!! 3 Winners!!!

    Always happy to see new lights ! Count me in here's a pic of a some neglected plants I'm working on re veg /monster cropping The #hpf4000 would sit nice in my 5x5 Good luck everyone and thanks for the chance to win
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    Nizzas Mars hydro sp3000 and 2x4 tent grow

    pH dialed in and they seem much happier today, I boosted the light to 100% Hopefully a few more dominant nodes shoot out soon they appear to be leaving lockout so that will allow me to cut more scraggly stuff out and finally start doing some pest treatments