We at Khanology Research Group, take a first hand look into the rapidly emerging Medical, Commercial, and Industrial Cannabis Culture. Here we try, test, and reproduce many of the claims out there, to try and bring solid, empirical evidence to these claims and try to give an unbiased, and Objective answer to these claims. We also work hard to help entrepreneurs develop new products and businesses, medical patients find help and valuable information to help them with their struggles for better health care and products. I am an Actives, Khanologist, Inventor and Cultivator with over 23 year of experience in the industry. Although I can't claim to have all the information, I do have trusted sources that help me to determine what information is valid, and what is not. Please feel free to ask me anything pertaining to this delicate subject, and I will do my best to find the answers.
Nov 4, 1976 (Age: 47)
Southern California
Khanologist Researcher



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