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    Need some help telling if i have clear or milky trichs

    Look gorgeous and indeed milky. Great grow, my friend!
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    Pacific seed and growers choice

    I didn't do their instructions. I soaked in glass of water for 3 days. All seeds but one cracked. I planted it and it grew fine. They just have no idea what they are selling and the reviews are similar to our stories.
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    Pacific seed and growers choice

    One of my str I had two strains that were supposed to be fem but were autos. Another package of 3 seeds... Each a completely different strain and also, one was auto 2 were fem. Unreal.
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    Always love seeing large outdoor plants. Are you over fertilizing? Also a couple of the smaller ones look a tad dry.
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    Not looking so good

    Why not just use neem oil only. You dont really need to use anything else with neem oil. Neem oil also helps plant growth but adding the canola oil and dish soap and doing every other day seems a bit excessive. They look great otherwise, just seem to be battling everything done to them. You can...
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    Wow.... I'll be checking back in with you in a few weeks! The burping is a massive hassle and I dont have time for that BS
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    I would LOVE a less work but great buds curing method. I am going to try your method on one of my autos. I have 2 more ready soon and want the best smoke flavor and color. Having a tough time deciding the easiest but best buds in the long run method.
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    Ready for harvest or not ?

    I agree totally. I saw just the right amount of amber trichs. You could go another few days probably if needed, but they look ready to me.
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    1st Grow are my plants done?

    You dont want all amber, just a small few. Mostly milky. I'd definitely harvest in a week or sooner myself. They look great.
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    1st Grow are my plants done?

    I thought those looked indoor grown. Very very nice!
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    70 plant outdoor grow, I need a good pesticide

    I just googled cinnamon. It is also a rooting hormone. Thanks for the tip! It says it works well for ants. I'm about a week out from harvesting my autos. I did see a couple tiny caterpillars a few days back and I've been going through my buds rather neurotically. (I'm kind of an overkill...
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    1st Grow are my plants done?

    I don't see hardly any amber tricks when I blow up the pics. I agree with a week. My microscope was 12 bux and the garden store and has a phone clip so you can snap a pic and review. Great first grow. What notes did you use and what type of climate? Are these autos? I ask because most outdoors...
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    70 plant outdoor grow, I need a good pesticide

    I love the diamatecous earth during veg and use it weekly. I have 3 in flower and since they are outside, want to use neem oil before I flush. I noticed no one recommended neem oil. Is this something I should be avoiding?
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    Qwerty's Merlin's Beard (and auto's!)

    Posts like this blow my mind! I have so much to learn. Thanks for posting all the details, too. Is it necessary to make your own colloidal silver or are the store versions not suitable?
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    Auto flower Hermaphrodite?

    Hi. There are no seeds, they are soft. I have mutilated a few calyxes (okay maybe a touch more than a few) in search of seeds. :-) I think they did foxtail. I am trying to keep them cooler, well watered but near light while they finish out. The Tangerine Dream just looks awful, doesn't even look...