Wood bed frame king no headboard Ideas for New Bedroom

Modern bedrooms are being transformed in different ways to incorporate all the new trends that are emerging in the field of interior décor. Remodeling bedrooms involves also redesigning and re-inventing the essential element of the room, the king size platform bed itself. The current design sphere has come up with a bed, but one that has no headboard as is the norm in traditional beds.

While the headboard is typically used to show the “front” or “head” of the bed, people are scraping away with the term and exploring a non-binary type of bed. People have taken apart the regular bed and built it up once more. In this article, we will look at all the new and improved wood king platform bed frame ideas for modern bedrooms.

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Wall-mounted wooden king platform bed frame

The removal of the headboard gives the designer a lot of room to make modifications to how the frame of the bed is supported in place. For a wall-mounted bed, there are bolts and nuts on one end of the bed to be fixed firmly on the wall of the room.

When set this way, the bed will appear to be levitating or at least floating in midair within the bedroom. There is no need to have legs or any extra support though these may be added if need be. The mattress then lies atop the frame. However, the client should make sure to hire a skilled professional to do the fittings, to avoid any accidents or breakages.

Wooden king bed frame Waterbed

Waterbeds are balloon mattresses that are filled with water and then placed on top of the king bed frame. It is all about aesthetics when it comes to waterbeds. Make the frame as hidden as possible must be the one most significant rule. This ensures the bed looks like it is endless.

The wooden structure could be made out of hollow wood sections so that there is very little of it visible. It could also be lower than a conventional bed. Having no headboard is an added plus since there’s not much wood to be seen. The waterbed frame could be fitted with LEDs to shine through the water and give it a sparkling look. Imagine this, sleeping on top of a swimming pool. Cool, right?

Tuft or padded walls within the bedroom (upholstery)

When the headboard is eliminated, in some instances, the walls would look endless and empty. To fix this problem, the interior designer could decide to have padded walls made out of tuft. The good thing about will tuft is that it easily blends with the walls since it comes in different materials, shapes, and colors.

There is cotton tuft, leather tuft, and even silk tuft. It could be made in a wall-length or a certain height above the bed. The bed, being independent of the wall, could be aligned horizontally or vertically with respect to the wall. It should be noted, using too much tuft may make the bedroom look like a padded or isolation room.

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Shelves or cupboard behind the wooden king bed.

The extra wall space created by the lack of a headboard could be harnessed to provide storage close to the bed. Wall-mounted shelves are an easy fix for this, and they could be semi-attached or permanently fixed on the wall. To allow for easy modification of the bedroom space, semi-attached or detachable shelves should be most appropriate for use.

A cupboard is much harder to fix behind the bed since there’s lots of real estate from the floor to the bed level. The closet chosen should have longer legs than the bed for easy access to the bed. It should also not be too big to overshadow the magnitude of the bed. Having wall storage is not a must, but it is an added advantage for the bedroom.

Storage within the wooden bed frame.

Without the headboard, not much changes in terms of the other features of the bed. It is a bed, just without the headboard. As such, other functionalities should remain unaffected. This will include the storage capability of the bed. Having inbuilt drawers within the frame is commonplace when trying to create additional storage space in the bed.

They could be fixed on both sides of the king size platform bed, one side in whatever manner the designer deems fit for use. Also, below the mattress is an excellent place to have extra storage with a removable mattress. Storage solutions within the bed itself are such a plus since the client has a place to store extra bedding and their clothes too.

Trundle bed or wood bed frame on wheels.

Trundle beds have become very common in the world of bedroom décor nowadays. A bed on wheels is a great solution where mobility is often required, such as in a hotel room, BNB, or where the client feels the need to keep shifting positions of furniture.

Wheels chosen for a bed should be put under keen analysis so that the best fit is selected. They should be able to take on the weight of the bed and the extra weight of the person sleeping without buckling. The wheels are chosen should also be fitted with a stopper to prevent random unwarranted movement of the bed when a person is getting on or off.

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In conclusion, the decision to get a bed frame with no headboard is not a move that should be made without prior planning. It should be subject to scrutinization and consideration of all the implications of this move. However, for a trendy and modern-looking bedroom, a bed without a headboard is one great addition that just adds it element.

The cost implication of having a king platform bed without a headboard is not as significant as would be expected. The beds range in almost the price bracket of any other regular bed. I highly recommend trying one such wood bed frame with no headboard.
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