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    2022 New Giveaway Coming!!! 2 Winners!!!--Spider Farmer

    Thank you for all your great contests and giveaways #Spiderfarmerled USA
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    All lower buds in plants

    Can you post some pics? More info
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    Think she's ready?

    I think your very very close and if you chop you’ll have some great smoke. If you wait a week you’ll still have some great smoke, perhaps a bit better. Let some others give you opinions but I think it looks about there.
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    A compilation of growing advice, by those who have learned

    Lol, I think @Grojak actually read at least the very first fact listed. Nice job putting the list together.
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    240 volt to 120 volt adapters?

    Ok good to know, I was under the impression that running on 240 was cheaper. Learned something.
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    240 volt to 120 volt adapters?

    Yes, and you usually pay by the amp, so half the cost. I meant efficient in dollars, yes the wattage is the same.
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    240 volt to 120 volt adapters?

    Honestly the 240v is more efficient and many good led lights will use 240 or 120. I would get a 240v AC unit as well, would save on the electric bill a bit, and your required converter wattage would be less.
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    Week 8 flowering no bud trichomes and smell

    My Durban Poison takes 16 weeks to finish, just gotta have some patience.
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    I would just grow it out, hope it’s not male, and be happy with whatever you get.
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    It’s impossible to tell at this point, depends on how the grow goes, the strain, etc. It’s possible.
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    About a pound.
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    Plant leaning completely over

    All you can do is wait and see, but I think if they handle the stress of no water for 5 days they will be fine. You and net touching them will not matter much, scrogs have nets touching them all the time. Just wait and watch, good luck, they look nice.
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    Buds of leaves ??

    LMFAO this kid can’t tell you if 16 big colas will fit in a jar, a gallon jug, or the trunk of a car. Never been there, but knows everything.
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    Buds of leaves ??

    I think the Steelers got this!
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    Buds of leaves ??

    Oh yea nice pick