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    Weed too sticky to grind

    I do consider it a sign of well grown/harvested weed when you can just break a chunk of nug off and have it smoke through to a nice clean ash, but yeah, it all goes through the grinder. Get one with a kief catcher if you feel so obliged.
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    Growin dope, getting my life together

    Number 4 looking nice, smell is a nice cookie heavy orange citrus.
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    American Wildfires

    Clearly Nader voters.
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    American Wildfires

    The town of Robert Lee huh...well...thats something.
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    Right wing nuts worldwide.

    That's been one of the more interesting parts for me, how so many people are sucked into this bizarre belief system. It's really fascinating, Q has absorbed other conspiracies and just keeps rolling on, getting bigger and wackier.wackiest. Darren is a fantastic term and good name choice. Never...
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    What did you accomplish today?

    My wife saw someone giving away a bunch of cases of Mason jars unopened on Nextdoor so sent me off to get them. Little old lady beat me there by a couple of minutes and got all the jars. ...but she had no interest in the hoverboard! Gonna cruise around on this thing and/or try to make it into...
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    USA Today Lock-Out

    Oh snap, im red pilled and radicalized. It was bill gates and his nanobots all along. Dammit! The epoch times was right!
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    USA Today Lock-Out

    It really does crack me up. I used to get the wall street journal and financial times back in like 2005 as I had free subs in grad school. They named names though and it just follows me around. Kansas city star still trys to get me to sign up, i moved outta that town a long while back, at least...
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    i love living in a sci-fi dystopia

    So, I'm alright with the domino's pizza robots. The 'noid sealed the deal. This dystopia is turning out to be a-ok.
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    USA Today Lock-Out

    About once a year, for around a month, i get the Sunday paper. It's been happening for more than 10 years, and followed through like 3 states. Whatever city's paper decides to try and lure me in with a free taste, I enjoy the month of comics. It's not in front of the neighbors, so not free...
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    Growin dope, getting my life together

    Doh...forgot which number, but current favorite of the thais is this one. Its finicky on nutes and looks like it may develop an interesting flower structure.
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    Growin dope, getting my life together

    Number 4 from the trop cookies is looking great, excellent smells coming along of cookies and orange. Only real smelly standout at this moment.
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    ban crt

    Lol, day made hanimmal. Appreciate that.
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    Monster Cropping - how long to re-veg?

    Only once have I had a plant die rather than reveg, still salty about it. As others have said, the further into flower the longer it takes, though I would expect it to start pushing ugly reveg leaves soon.