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    Burping jars in drying tent?

    I'm wondering if it's a good idea to burp my jars in my drying tent? The tent is held right around 60% RH and there is a light breeze. I'm planning on burping for 1 hour a day for the first week. What do you guys think? Thanks.
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    I'm in northern California. It's fairly dry and warm in October compared to many other places in the US. (rain? what's that?). The ambient RH is well under 50%. So, I need to humidifier to add moisture to my drying area. I made a very basic PVC pipe frame and wrapped it with black plastic...
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    Harsh smoke

    Did you get lots of ash on your plants? I have ash and charcoal grit on mine. Terrible.
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    Harsh smoke

    Right... Hanging in the abandoned building.. I was lmao when I read that.
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    Harsh smoke

    Are they pretty harsh in the UK for cultivation?
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    Harsh smoke

    Still illegal. That's all.
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    Harsh smoke

    Are you in the United States?
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    How much longer before harvest?

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get a few opinions on how much longer these top colas have left before I should harvest them. Thanks.
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    GANGAS 2020 garden

    Thanks. This sounds a little easier than lemon juice and baking soda, as I've read elsewhere. Nice grow by the way. I've been watching the thread the whole season.
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    GANGAS 2020 garden

    I second that. Also, do you just do 1 bucket, 2 or 3? My buds are very dirty this year because of fires and winds. I'm looking for any cleaning tips. Thanks.
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    Is it ready for harvest

    Very immature still. Nice looking buds though. Keep good care of her these next several weeks and watch those buds plump up quite a bit.
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    2nd grow... How far from harvest?

    Haha. Na, just my phone. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm thinking I'll chop October 10th. There's so much ash and crap on them too. I'll definitely be doing bud washing this year.
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    2nd grow... How far from harvest?

    Good afternoon everyone. This is my second grow so I'm still pretty noob and wanted some opinions on my buds. About how much longer until I should harvest? The first 2 pics are "cherry pie" and the second two are "gelato". Thanks everyone.
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    Its raining ash! Is this going to be a problem?

    I'm thinking about rinsing my plants off with Dawn and water. They are in early flower, maybe 4th week. Any thoughts?
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    First coco grow

    IDK anything about CoCo grows, but this looks like a PH issue to me. I quickly googled CoCo PH levels, and found this "Your goal is to keep the coco coir medium at a pH of 5.8 to 6.0 which is ideal for proper nitrogen absorption by marijuana plants in vegetation." (as already stated by Dontjudgeme)