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    My eyes look funny when I'm not high.

    My eyes look funny when I'm not high.
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    What could this mean?

    I can confirm Dollar store soil doesn't do very well. Good chance that is your problem if you're doing everything else right.
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    Shrooms- Are these the right types?

    Those are not shrooms. Be careful friend. We used to find them in the cow pasture up the road, it is easy to tell those ones. Home grown is a good option as well.
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    Foxtailing Green Gelato help/suggestions please

    I grew 1 Green Gelato Fem so far. It is 6 week in. It fox tailed like crazy. Never had a plant do this before even in this climate. Upper 80s F max. It also had a few male sacks near the stem. Both the hermaphrodism and foxtailing started in early flower. On the plus side I have sampled it and...
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    subs supersoil

    I'm no expert, from experience I know that when you mix it up, it smells like dead ass. After about a month it smells like sweet fresh soil. Also it gives whatever you are using for PH a chance to take effect. I can't tell if it actually physically warms up but I think "cook" is more of a slang...
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    Super Silver Haze OG Fem Freebie??

    Got this freebie from Seedsman, 'Super Silver Haze OG Fem' is what the label says. Does anyone have any info on it? Breeder or flowering times or anything? Thanks.
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    Is my plant dying

    If it is root bound it could dry out and cook especially fast.
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    Is my plant dying

    Yeah I would say it is dying. Maybe it got cooked in the sun and then you didn't notice until after the rain. Probably roots got cooked. Is that a clay oven it is in? Any additional info could help you get a better answer.
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    OG Kush Organic LED

    I'm done with grow journals I think. I dont think anyone wants my 2 cents or wants to look at my shitty weed. Bye RIU.
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    32x32 Tent Top Bin Suggestions

    I guess that ends it. HLG it is. :peace:
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    32x32 Tent Top Bin Suggestions

    If I buy HLG it will probably be a kit.
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    32x32 Tent Top Bin Suggestions

    HLG seems to be the most highly recommended light for sure. Thanks.
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    32x32 Tent Top Bin Suggestions

    The wonderful growers here talked me out of buying a budget light. For my 32x32x63" I need about 225-275w. I need to keep it under $500 USD. I have looked into HLG and Optic 1. Are there any other lights that use the top bin horticulture diodes that any one would suggest? The Optic 1...
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    Anyone seen these before?

    Also the first time I had them were in my seedling cups when I sprouted and I didn't lose any of the seeds, they were super healthy.
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    Anyone seen these before?

    I don't know how to control them in autopots or if it is necessary. What I know is.. Springtails are one of the most abundant animals on Earth, they could have been chilling in the coco or you have a damp location nearby. They are somewhere in most houses. I've had them in new bags of FF and...