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    Tesla New Model Unveil...

    Looks like they got rid of the bitch thread too. I’m thinking @rollitup will soon be on the Taco ignore list. Lol.
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    Pandemic 2020

    It might actually be good for humanity.
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    Happy thread :)
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    Happy thread :)

    If there is a hell, I’ll be there. I’m not worried though, most everyone I like will be there too. ;)
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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    I don’t know what he’s smoking but nothing from my garden would give him that much focus.
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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Huh? The ranch’s purpose is to support girls that have been abused, not to promote abuse.
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    Pandemic 2020

    This guy just got his second shot too.
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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    He, like the rest of them, has no shame.
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    I knew This Day Would Come

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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    I could have put this in the happy thread. Lol. Watch: Crowd Boos Sen. Ron Johnson at Milwaukee Juneteenth Celebration The bill making Juneteenth a holiday only passed the Senate after the Wisconsin Republican dropped his efforts to block it. Read in Slate...
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    Happy Father’s Day

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    Will You Take The Vaccine?

    Expect the Unexpected From the Delta Variant “the virus’s spread is what epidemiologists call “overdispersed,” which means that the majority of patients do not infect anyone else but a small handful might infect dozens of people. In other words, most sparks of infection do not catch fire. But...
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    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Ted Cruz: Critical race theory is as racist as Klansmen
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    Pandemic 2020

    I was pretty sure you didn’t vote for trump but I know people that did because they felt like you did about Hillary. I didn’t mean to insult you
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    American Wildfires

    Lol. It just made me think of that scene. I knew you’d get a kick out of it.