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    So this is news to me.......

    So it looks like my younger brother is getting divorced. He's fully licensed and grows for himself(less than 10 including moms n clones) The grow is in a tent in a room which has a deadbolt and the kids don't have access to or know about. He says his wife told him her lawyer informed her that...
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    Aurora posts 137.4 million/ quarter loss promises profit by years end. HAHA

    I leave town for a couple weeks and GB left? What the hell happened?
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    I've used it straight through at recommended doses. Also used CalMag a PK booster, Carbs and had great results.
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    Canadian Suppliers

    Has anyone ordered from HLG Canada? I want to pull the trigger on a light.
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    Canadian RIU Growers: Miicrobial Mass giveaway - 10 bottles!

    Hell yeah, Ive got some Sour D that would love some
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    So who are these REAL leaders and how are they the REAL ones in charge exactly? You forgot the Rothschilds! LOL Do they have secret meetings and then email the world leaders to make sure they're on the same page? Do they get holidays and a yearly bonus? Just trying to figure out the...
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    The flu has a mortality rate of around 0.5%. This is between 3 and 4%. Given the numbers you provided for the mortality rate the flu has, that puts this at between 3.9 and 5.2 million. So how is it LESS deadly exactly???
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    Not to pick sides but even Canadians know about the absolutely racist and terrible history of the Democratic party. They sure hate minorities. Kind of a running theme throughout history and right into present day. Those are FACTS
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    Corona virus support bill

    I guess the silver lining is that at least he isn't in a position of any real power because with composure like that he couldn't be trusted to make rational decisions in times like these.
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    Jesus I wish Ontario prices were that low. Not enough for a QP around here
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    what this BS deal will do is......wake dead minds up!

    The best of it because they haven't been raised by safety nets and warning labels
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    'The legal stuff is garbage': why Canada's cannabis black market keeps thriving

    This is exactly the main issue that will give mom n pops a hard time too sadly. They don't HAVE to irradiate in the sense that it's mandated by HC. However the allowable levels have been set so low the only way to achieve them is to nuke the product, thereby ruining it. Legal US states don't...