Journal entries by hippy132

  1. [ATTACH]I think the repotting at day 7 hurt them and the smallest one is still hurting. Hit them with 1/2 solution of nuts first time and second time after F-W-W-F full solution after 2 days of aerating 2 gallons, seem ti be growing and doing better finally. Second lite seems to help, of course...
  2. Still having issues with one lady, aint that aways the case..[ATTACH]
  3. [ATTACH] Day 10 - looking for growth
  4. [ATTACH] Day 6 - almost a week
  5. Morning of day 6 , two 180 watt lcd's in tent on 18/6 schedule. Tested each plant/pot this am. All of the pots appear to be wet still. Would have expected to water by now. Not growing as fast as expected - possibly because I didn’t mix chunky pearlite with soil, for better drainage and...
  6. Growing like a weed [ATTACH]
  7. [ATTACH] Burning are we?
  8. Day 4 [ATTACH]
  9. day 3 - clones [ATTACH]
  10. Top of soil and pot still wet, lowered lites to 34 inches. Leaves appear to be veined and two colors of green. 5 days almost since transplanting, next time will add more pearlite - chunky
  11. Day 2 - LED Grow [ATTACH]
  12. [ATTACH]Day 1 - Clones